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Borrowed Experience: How Working as a Loan Officer Made Me a Better Event Services Professional (eBook)

Going from the mortgage lending industry to starting an event services company may not seem like a logical progression to many, but for Cameron Ungar, owner of Stylehawk Event Services, his experience as a loan officer set him up perfectly to succeed as a sport events professional. In this e-book, Cameron talks about the four core competencies that are necessary in both the mortgage lending industry and the event services industry, and how his unique journey has helped him create a company that is well-respected, with services that are in demand by event promoters, as well as venue managers.


About the Author

Cameron Ungar

Cameron Ungar, President of Stylehawk Event Services, has been managing, booking, and scheduling sport event venues and public assembly facilities for more than a decade. He has worked in university, municipal, and private venues and has an impressive track record of devel-oping organizational structure, building powerful operations teams, and driving significant event revenue. He is an active member of the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) and is an Adjunct Professor in the Sports Management Graduate Program at the University of San Francisco.

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