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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Company Cars: Tips on Buying, Leasing, Tax Deductions, Mileage, and Employee Use (eBook)


This eBook walks small business owners through the various options for business vehicle usage, including buying a car, leasing a car, tax dedications, mileage options, converting a car from personal to business use, and employee use of vehicles. This guide should be your very first step toward planning to save on taxes and improve your business if you’re investigating business vehicle use.

This eBook was developed specifically for small business owners looking to better understand the options and the tax advantages of buying or using a vehicle for business and assumes that you have little or no previous experience on this subject.

Arm yourself with the knowledge and understanding to choose which vehicle ownership and usage methods are best for your small business, and be well equipped when you speak with your accountant.

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Topics Covered

Buying a Car Through Your Business

Leasing a Vehicle for Business

Converting a Vehicle from Personal to Business Use

Deducting Mileage vs. Actual Expenses

Tax Deductions

Purchasing Company Cars for Employees

Employees Using Their Own Vehicles for Work

When You Should NOT Buy or Lease a Car Through Your Business

Includes Expert Advice From Small Business Professionals:

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This document is meant to be a user-friendly simplification of the rules surrounding company vehicles. It is not meant to provide legal guidance or accounting advice. Please consult a tax attorney or a certified public accountant who is familiar with the applicable laws and accounting codes in your area for official guidance.

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