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Investing In Your Home: Replacement Windows and Doors (eBook)

Replacing your windows and patio doors can be a good idea, but is it a good investment?

Certainly, you can evaluate the amount of money you will spend on replacing your windows and compare it to the amount you expect to save every year in energy costs, but is that the only thing to consider?

In this publication, we will look at the various reasons why it is a good investment in your home to replace your old windows. There are definitely ways to quantify this, such as how much money you will save in energy costs, or how much of the project cost you will recoup when you sell your home, but there are also more intangible ways to measure the value of new windows. How will they increase the livability in your home? What can new windows do for the curb appeal of your home? Can new windows make your home safer?

Read on to find the answers to these and other questions you may have about the value of new windows.


About the Author

Michal Bohm

Michal is the owner of BM Windows, an independent replacement window company serving San Diego County for many years. Specializing in replacement vinyl windows and doors, Michal provides one of the industry’s best window guarantees, and he doesn’t use high pressure sales tactics. Instead, he helps to educate customers, providing explanations and options. BM Windows does not outsource the installation; the entire process is handled in-house. Originally from Europe, Michal worked for many years in Munich and familiarized himself with German window technologies. He worked in all aspects of the window business from installation, project management, design, and sales. After moving to California and settling in San Diego, he continued working in the glazing business.

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