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Focused Recommendations that Will Make You a Better Business Owner

You won’t agree with everything in this book. That’s part of the beauty of advice—you can take it or leave it. But by considering the advice in this book you will either see something in a new way, or simply be forced to reaffirm what you already thought. Either way, you will think critically about how you run your business, what you do, and why. You’ll be a better small business owner as a result.


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Overflowing with brief, actionable small business advice that's practical, thought-provoking and easy to implement."

About the Author

Matthew Smith

Founder, Author, Small Business Enthusiast

Matthew is the Owner of Modmacro, an award-winning digital marketing firm in Southern California. An engineer by education, Matthew has focused more than a decade on software development and small business marketing. His role at Modmacro involves directing the company, while remaining intimately involved in client projects on a daily basis. Matthew is also the author of Kill the Noise, a book about streamlining your business in which he challenges established digital marketing tactics and thinking.

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Distribution:Major online retailers
Publisher:Founder Nonfiction by Businessing (originally by Maven Publishing USA)
ISBN (Paperback):978-0-9985078-1-1
ISBN (Kindle):978-0-9985078-2-8
ISBN (EPub):978-0-9985078-3-5