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From Idea to Launch: Navigating the Four Stages of a Startup Business

Choosing to start a business is a powerful decision. It brings with it a great sense of freedom, but also a great sense of responsibility. We know there’s a reason why you believe starting a business is right for you, but if you’re going to be successful, you need real advice from real business owners. And that’s what this book provides.

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If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, but need some guidance from people who have already done it, this book is a great place to begin."

About the Authors

Matthew Smith is the Owner of Modmacro, an award-winning digital marketing firm in Southern California. An engineer by education, Matthew has focused more than a decade on software development and small business marketing. His role at Modmacro involves directing the company, while remaining intimately involved in client projects on a daily basis.

Matthew is also the author of Kill the Noise, a book about streamlining your business in which he challenges established digital marketing tactics and thinking.

Jessica Dawson is the CEO and Co-founder of Maven Publishing USA, a boutique publishing house of non-fiction that focuses on turning entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals into published authors. Every business has a story, but few business owners have the time to devote to learning the fine details of writing and publishing. Jessica and her team collaborate with busy professionals to create books that become powerful marketing assets and help to position the authors as experts in their fields.

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Distribution:Major online retailers
Publisher:Founder Nonfiction by Businessing (originally by Maven Publishing USA)