Attract. Evaluate. Hire.
A Guide to Hiring the RIGHT PEOPLE

We’ve found the topic of hiring to be of great interest to many small business owners. In fact, we report the top ten most popular articles on Businessing Magazine each quarter, and topics about hiring, how to interview candidates, and where to find potential employees often make the list.

Most small business owners recognize the value of hiring the right people and the costs of hiring the wrong ones. The gravity of hiring the right people comes up quite frequently in our interviews with small business owners and experts.

Attract. Evaluate. Hire. provides a practical primer for small business owners looking to find and acquire the right team members.

ISBN-10: 0-9970523-7-6 | ISBN-13: 978-0-9970523-7-4

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Topics Covered

Why Small Business Hiring Is So Important


Using Employment Agencies

Using Temp Agencies

DIY Hiring

Anatomy of an Effective Job Description

Should I Include Salary Information in a Job Description?

Sorting Through Resumes

Mastering the Interview Process

Working Interviews

Making the Offer

About the Authors

Emily Lund

Emily Lund

Managing Editor of Businessing Magazine. Multifunction copywriter, and experienced team supporter with information management skills in small business environments.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Founder and CEO of Modmacro, an award-winning digital marketing firm in Southern California that partners with select small businesses. Author of Kill the Noise, and co-author of Startup.


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