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Free Graphic Design = Disappointment

Free Graphic Design = Disappointment

How often are you amazed at how good a freebie is? If you’re like most people, not a whole lot. That’s why freebies are free.

Think of free design as that schlub walking around with mismatched socks and big spot on his shirt, yelling on the street corner. People see him, but his credibility is low and he will probably be ignored.

Professional design, on the other hand, is a beautiful spokesmodel that draws a crowd, holds interest, and shares a message. Yes, the guy with the one Snoopy sock will yell for free, but which one is better in terms of being heard?


Pay for Good Design

Be cautious when free design is included with the purchase of printing/an ad/vehicle wrap/billboard/etc., etc. Don’t get me wrong, miracles can happen anywhere, but there’s a reason the design is free. Because it’s secondary in the sales process. An afterthought.

Good design comes from someone who designs for a living, thinks about design 24/7 and often has something valuable to show for it. A great portfolio, good work ethic, or the ability to read your mind and produce the elusive “I’ll know it when I see it” design is worth something. To you and your designer.

Pay that designer! It’s worth your investment.

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by Jerry Lund // Award-winning design veteran with more than 20 years’ experience focusing on the effectiveness of marketing solutions from a branded and aesthetic viewpoint.

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