Small Business Strategy and Planning

The most successful business owners are always thinking ahead. If you are a new business owner, strategizing about mission statements, corporate culture and business plans are things you would be smart to address early on. More seasoned business owners can benefit from articles on everything from setting client expectations to creating a niche for your small business

How Managed Service Providers Can Help You

As businesses have moved online, companies have had to become increasingly tech-savvy in order to remain competitive. While there's no getting away from the technological complexities of modern business, there are ways for your business to simplify its IT. One of the best methods for doing this is to outsource some of your IT functions to a managed services provider, or MSP. … [Read more...]

Advice for Businesses Struggling with Inventory Loss

One thing businesses invest a lot of money into is their inventory. Whether it is products for consumers or materials to create those products, inventory is typically one of the largest assets a business has. Unfortunately, things can happen that can threaten your inventory and help to deteriorate your bottom line. Inventory loss can be a real drain on your finances. … [Read more...]

Main Considerations When Determining If You Should Sell Your Amazon Business

The turn of the century brought us technology that would seem unfathomable a few decades ago. We have access to information at our fingertips, and we can even go about daily chores like shopping or paying our bills without leaving the house. It was only a few short years ago that many still considered online shopping risky and unreliable. Over time, many online businesses … [Read more...]

Landing Page Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Conversions

A landing page is a vital asset for your business. It is the first place your target customer interacts with your brand and builds an impression. Landing pages are known to have the highest conversion rate of 23%. The relevance of the page and its performance are key elements of lead generation. The right structure and design can push web traffic to do what you want them to do, … [Read more...]

5 Essential Copywriting Tips for Your New Line of Pet Apparel

Launching a new line of pet apparel is an exciting time for any animal lover who also happens to be a savvy business owner. It is, after all, a great time to get into the pet business, as the industry is projected to see a significant increase in sales in the next few years. Releasing a clothing line for pets now, whether you’ve already dabbled in selling pet merchandise or … [Read more...]

4 SEO Tips I Used to Help Grow My Plastic Surgery Practice

Plastic surgery is soaring in popularity, but as you know, there is plenty of competition. If you want your plastic surgery practice to experience significant growth, it’s essential to use search engine optimization (SEO) on your website.    SEO is essential because most people interested in plastic surgery own smartphones, and they can search the Internet for anything they … [Read more...]

Why My Plastic Surgery Practice Skyrocketed During COVID

As COVID-19 spread around the globe in 2020, millions of people worked from home and had more time on their hands. Some of them decided this was the ideal time to have plastic surgery.   While it might seem odd at first glance, it turns out that people spending more time at home and seeing their faces on Zoom calls made them more interested in facelifts, eyelid lifts, and … [Read more...]

How to Use Design Thinking for Product Design

The theory of design thinking is widely discussed as a key problem-solving methodology for businesses. Design thinking is frequently used in the process of innovative product design. The objective is to prioritize user needs above a product’s specifications or assigned purpose. As a result, business teams can better understand the value of the product they’re … [Read more...]

When Can a Business Be Sued for Personal Injuries?

When you own a business, you have to ensure that it operates smoothly, but you also have to make sure that anyone who steps foot on the company’s premises is safe. As a business owner, it is your obligation to make sure that people don’t get injured when they enter your territory, so to speak.   If you don’t do this and someone ends up getting injured, the individual will … [Read more...]

What Do Recruiters Check for In Candidates?

Every job seeker in the market probably has the same question in their mind, "What do recruiters look for in a candidate?" Undoubtedly with various job descriptions mentioned by the agencies, it can be complicated. Despite different agencies having different needs, most recruiters look for some common qualities. In today's competitive job market, it can be very hard to catch … [Read more...]