Small Business Ideas and Help with Money

Moneying articles focus on all aspects related to business finance, including budgeting, bookkeeping, pricing strategy, insurance, and more. Since you presumably went into business to make money, knowing how to manage it effectively will help keep you in business and move you toward the profitability you seek.

5 Cost-Cutting Techniques Every Business Should Utilize

Running a business is extremely difficult. With the lasting impacts of the pandemic and a lot of uncertainty, it’s now even harder for businesses to succeed than before. As a result, most business owners are looking for ways to slash expenses and save money. They feel like they may end up needing every penny, and they may be right. Thankfully, there are cost-cutting strategies … [Read more...]

6 Overlooked Tax Credits for Small Business Owners

Benjamin Franklin is supposed to have said, "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." The IRS collected nearly $263.6 billion in income tax, before refunds, from businesses in FY 2020. As a business owner, did you know that you may be leaving thousands of dollars worth of unclaimed tax credits each year? Let's have a look at six overlooked tax … [Read more...]

Cardano: Crypto Investors and Risk Management

One of the key differences between investors and other regular individuals is their risk management. Most individuals are too careful and do not take the risk at all, even if it’s a calculated risk with little probability of collapsing. Now, that’s the difference between crypto investors and those that still perceive cryptocurrency as a scam or, as they will prefer to call it, … [Read more...]

Navigating Financial Difficulties as a Small Business Owner

To say the last year has been challenging would be something of an understatement. With it estimated that the United States economy suffered a loss of seventy-six billion dollars due to the impacts of the pandemic, it is no surprise many have found themselves struggling financially in some way. Business owners, big and small, took a significant hit throughout the pandemic, … [Read more...]

Invoice Factoring: Is It Right for Your Company?

Cash flow is the moving force of any business. It determines the financial health of a company by showing how much liquid cash is on hand. However, when you've got more money going out than coming in, your cash flow is negative - and that is not a good thing for your business. All companies need a reliable source that can provide a quick cash infusion when required. And … [Read more...]

Are Decentralized Currencies Facing Permanent Change?

For the longest time there was a long stretch of time where different decentralized currencies could take the place of more traditional options, particularly with the big names in Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the way with high price points. Part of the difficulty has always been finding more legitimate markets to be represented in. While Bitcoin is available largely in online … [Read more...]

Equity Investment for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are often looking for ways to grow their businesses, but lack the necessary funds. Equity investment is how entrepreneurs can borrow money from individuals or companies in exchange for partial ownership of the company's equity (and profits). To get any equity investments, one must seek support from other individuals or organizations … [Read more...]

Do Title Loans Affect Your Credit Score?

Title loans can be a great way to borrow money fast, and you don’t need a good credit score to get approved. But you may be wondering if title loans can have a positive or negative impact on your credit score. Let’s dive deeper into how online title loans work and whether or not they affect borrowers’ credit.   How Do Title Loans Work?  A title loan is a secured loan that … [Read more...]

Risks You Should Be Aware of before Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Even though cryptocurrencies have been around for over ten years, the number of people starting to get involved has only recently begun to rise. New technologies, especially controversial ones like cryptocurrencies, don’t usually get the support they deserve in the first stages as many people are skeptical about things they don’t fully understand.   However, you would be … [Read more...]

Funding Options That Your New Business Should Consider

Every year, millions of Americans start new businesses. So far, in 2021, 1.36 million new business applications have been submitted. Yet, according to statistics, only half of all businesses survive their first five years. So, why do they fail? The most typical reason for business failure is a lack of funds. Thus, this article discusses funding options that your business should … [Read more...]