Small Business Ideas and Help with Money

Moneying articles focus on all aspects related to business finance, including budgeting, bookkeeping, pricing strategy, insurance, and more. Since you presumably went into business to make money, knowing how to manage it effectively will help keep you in business and move you toward the profitability you seek.

4 Ways to Simplify Your Payment Process for Customers

All businesses need to think about how their customers will be impacted by any changes. One important aspect of business and customer interaction is payment processing. You will want to select a payment processing service that will keep your customer’s information confidential and will also allow for various forms of payment, such as checks, credit cards, and cash. While there … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Increase Financial Efficiency for Your Business

An organization's financial efficiency goes beyond the amount of revenue they earn. It also factors in asset turnovers, how many days an invoice remains in account receivable, and how much inventory is on hand. Together, these are calculated to determine the economic health of a company. When an organization is financially efficient it allows it to extend its credit or … [Read more...]

3 Ways Freight Companies Can Manage Their Cash Flow

There’s a very legitimate reason as to why cash is usually labeled ‘king’. Maintaining a steady cash flow is the one thing that keeps your company running and it's very crucial to the survival of your business. Cash flow is the amount of money that goes in and out of your business through income and expenditure. Think of it as somewhat of a business checking account over a … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Improving Your Accounts Receivable Management

If your Accounts Receivable department is struggling to achieve payment from clients, you need to find a solution quickly. Problems in your AR department can quickly snowball and start to affect the rest of your business - after all, it’s where your money is coming from at the end of the day. While some tips for improving your invoicing strategy may seem obvious, there are … [Read more...]

5 Facts about Financial Consultants

If you're in need of help with your finances, a financial consultant can assist you. Here are five facts about financial consultants. Legal Standards Depending on the type of specialization a financial consultant practices, he or she may be bound by different legal standards and responsibilities, but every consultant operates by some code of legal conduct. Two good examples … [Read more...]

Secured Loans vs. Unsecured Loans: What Is the Difference?

If you have ever considered taking out a loan, you know you would have been subjected to lots of jargon and financial terminology that does not seem very clear. Many people feel overwhelmed or intimidated by this unfamiliar language. At the same time, they feel a little embarrassed by asking someone to explain it to them. You might have been in this position before, feeling … [Read more...]

The BRRRR Method

The BRRRR method is a popular and proven process of creating wealth through real estate investment and stands for buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat. By using this strategy, real estate investors are able to use little to no cash to acquire properties and grow their investments over time by creating cash flow through rental income. Not only do they get cash flow from … [Read more...]

Running Out of Financing Options? Here Are 4 Things that You can Do

Cash flow issues affect most new businesses, and a good portion of well-established ones as well. This may be due to the nature of the business you're in, or because of unexpected events and changing market conditions. Either way, they can be distressing, and keep a lot of business owners awake at night. You might have started looking for options, but don't think you're … [Read more...]

How to Build Personal Wealth

Wealth is an essential element that brings a comfortable and relaxed life. Here are crucial tips to help you build a strong financial foundation that will give you financial freedom. Budget Your Money Before you spend money, create a budget to guide you on what to buy and how much you can save. This should be a continuous process to help you build wealth. It may not be an … [Read more...]

The Advantages of Credit Unions for Businesses

No business can cope without capital. Whether you're running a simple start-up and need those initial set-up costs to get going or if you're in charge of a much bigger and better-established brand, looking to expand, it's vital to ensure that you have the cash to cover your business needs, from purchasing new equipment to paying employee salaries. Ideally, businesses aim to … [Read more...]