Small Business Tools and Technology

Equipping articles offer you all the information you need to outfit your small business for success by helping you navigate through all of the “stuff” it takes to run a business. The articles here will help you to keep abreast of current technology and guide you in ways to make your place of work more functional and efficient.

Basement Remodeling: Is it Worth the Investment or Not?

If you have had a home for a long time or have just purchased a home, there is a good possibility it has a basement. But, unfortunately, there is a likelihood that you will not be able to use the basement as intended. It's because the basement has begun to get filthy over time, and no one has free time to clean it since it isn't seen as necessary. If you are experiencing … [Read more...]

Pros Explain: Can a Pressure Washer Damage Siding?

Maintaining a sparkling clean environment is a healthy lifestyle that every homeowner should inculcate. Not just cleaning inside of your home, but ensuring your exterior surroundings are sparkling and attractive. In doing this, you just might want to get a power washer to help you clear off stubborn dirt on your outside walls and siding. Unfortunately, using a pressure washer … [Read more...]

What Are Some Ways You Can Save on Car Insurance?

Car insurance, for most households, is a necessity. Once you figure out what it takes, there are a variety of ways to save on this cost. However, depending on your lifestyle, type of car, and to a lesser extent, profession, insurance premiums will vary considerably from one company to the next. That is, every car insurance provider has their distinct algorithms with which they … [Read more...]

Why Modern Technology Makes Logistics Accessible to the Smallest Operations

Small businesses are the lifeblood of many economies around the world. They provide jobs, services, revenue, and innovation for millions of people, making economies thrive. Small business operations typically enjoy greater flexibility than larger companies. This flexibility makes them more efficient in meeting customer demand, especially in product lines, service agreements, … [Read more...]

How to Create Classy Business Packaging

For businesses that ship a lot of products by mail, packaging matters. It’s the first thing your customer sees upon a product’s arrival. A simple box isn’t enough. Branded, memorable unboxings are a part of the culture of eCommerce and business shipping. Marketing is built around presentation. Classy business packaging that stands out has to have something unique to it. … [Read more...]

5 Good Food and Beverage Business Ideas to Start

If you are passionate about food and beverages and are looking for a way to make an income, you should consider starting a business around your passions. When you enter the food industry, you can create and/or sell products people will truly enjoy. If you have the drive and determination to start a food or beverage business but don’t know what you would like to sell, don’t … [Read more...]

Five Advancements in Online Retail

Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, online retail was already very popular. But with people encouraged to stay home and limit the spread of the virus, online shopping exploded. This was only possible with the advancements of the last few decades. Between the advancements of technology, private logistic companies, and the ability to sell products around the world, online retail … [Read more...]

Company Car Accidents: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know

If you are an active driver, you probably know that not all car accidents are created equal from the standpoint of traffic laws – but legal ramifications go far beyond the standard with a company car. Car accidents occur all too often and due to various reasons, but one thing is certain: they can happen to anyone at any given moment, and this includes on-the-job collisions. … [Read more...]

10 Things You Should Know before Buying Industrial Compactors

Compactors have become popular options for commercial and industrial spaces when it comes to managing waste. Basically, these machines condense waste materials for easier and more organized disposal. In many cases, compactors are powered by hydraulics. They also come in various forms and sizes—many of them are in the shape of containers. To cover a substantial amount of … [Read more...]

Is Vehicle Technology a Good Investment?

Today’s business leaders are under a lot of pressure. They need to ensure they’re running the most efficient and productive teams. However, they’re also dealing with low budgets and excessive strain on their existing financial assets. If you use vehicles regularly in your business, you might have noticed that today’s cars are becoming increasingly intelligent. In general, … [Read more...]