Small Business Tools and Technology

Equipping articles offer you all the information you need to outfit your small business for success by helping you navigate through all of the “stuff” it takes to run a business. The articles here will help you to keep abreast of current technology and guide you in ways to make your place of work more functional and efficient.

Three Ways Your Business Can Give Back to the Community

There has been an ever-increasing expectation for businesses to support their local communities in recent years. The rise of CSR programs across the corporate space mean that avoiding some form of social engagement is almost impossible. Out of the world’s top 250 largest companies, 92% of them produce CSR reports every year. It doesn’t just stop at the big players either, … [Read more...]

Ways Robots Are Changing the Construction Industry

With the onset of technical advances in the construction industry, be it the movers, lifters, or machinery, the construction industry is one of the most automated sectors.  Construction robots are automated machines that are capable of doing repetitive tasks like bricklaying and masonry. They can be used collaboratively with other workers to assist them in construction. … [Read more...]

How You Can Ship Your Goods Cheaper Than You’d Think

Shipping products across the country picked up in popularity over the last year due to mass physical shop closures because of COVID-19. Retailers such as Amazon saw one of their most successful years yet. This has opened the door for new eCommerce businesses, providing a range of opportunities and the possibility of working with an effective courier to deliver your goods.  Why … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Maximize Manufacturing Productivity

Regardless of the size of your manufacturing plant, productivity should be maximized so that the company realizes good profits. This means that the firm must strive to generate more output using the least amount of resources such as time, labor, and money without compromising product quality. Considering processes that can boost manufacturing efficiency in the initial stages … [Read more...]

If I Am Approved for Workers’ Compensation, What Benefits Will I Be Entitled To?

After getting past the initial hurdle in the application process, you must identify what workers’ compensation benefits you’re receiving. Some of the awards you will be entitled to include items that cover pay, medical care, and more. You can learn more about this aid to help prepare you for the next steps. What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Should I Expect? When you are … [Read more...]

Steps of Getting a Legal Entity Identifier

The Legal Entity Identifier is a unique 20-character alphanumeric identifier defined by the International Organization for Standardization. Essential information about the parties in a financial transaction can be quickly referenced with the use of the LEI. It functions as a worldwide directory that provides much-needed transparency for all parties involved by detailing the … [Read more...]

NHK Group: Sustainable Development and Growth of Our Products

NHK Machinery Parts is one of the world's leading suppliers of replacement parts for heavy-duty equipment. We have been in business for over 50 years and we are committed to our customers, employees, and the planet. To meet the growing demand of our customers, we offer 24/7 service with a global network so that we can deliver on time no matter where you are located around the … [Read more...]

Improve Your Business Productivity with a Clean Work Space

Cleanliness in the workplace is probably not the first thing you think about every day as a self-employed individual or entrepreneur, but a clean and healthy workplace is a vital factor for a successful business. That is why the office should be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that it makes a positive first impression on business partners and prospects while keeping … [Read more...]

Re-Evaluate Your Supply Chain with Data-Driven Supply Chain Management

We all saw how rapidly supply chains can disintegrate and how disruption can impact our businesses. In many ways, we’re still dealing with supply chain disruptions from the COVID pandemic. Pre-COVID, retailers typically carried forty-three days of inventory. Today, inventory has been reduced to thirty-three days. Cars and home inventory are at near-record lows with just a … [Read more...]