Small Business Tools and Technology

Equipping articles offer you all the information you need to outfit your small business for success by helping you navigate through all of the “stuff” it takes to run a business. The articles here will help you to keep abreast of current technology and guide you in ways to make your place of work more functional and efficient.

Who Pays for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

The possibility that a worker might suffer an injury while on the job is ever-present. No matter how safe the business is or how many precautions and safeguards are implemented, accidents are bound to happen. When it does, workers’ compensation insurance covers medical expenses related to a workplace injury or illness. Workers’ compensation may also cover an employee’s wages … [Read more...]

Storage Solutions to Make Running Your Business Easier

As a business grows and scales, the need for better organization increases. Disorganized workplaces are inefficient and prone to loss. The cleaner, less cluttered, and more systematized a workplace is, the higher the levels of productivity and growth. With the barrage of papers, notebooks, and technical devices that inevitably come with any business, remote or not, it can be … [Read more...]

How to Run a Vineyard Resort

If you own a vineyard of your very own, you are very fortunate. Not only do you get to make your own wine, you are also given a lot of options for creating a business of your very own. One of the best types of businesses you could start is a vineyard resort. It is not only classy, but very profitable as well. Before you start on the project though, it is important that you … [Read more...]

Tin Filling Machines: All You Need to Know

Ever wondered how factories quickly pack food and other essentials in containers? This is all thanks to the power of tin-filling machines. You might be wondering about how they work and the process behind it. Today, we are going to talk just about that. Below, we are going to enlighten you on everything you need to know about tin-filling machines. Without further ado, let’s … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Vans for Builders in 2021

Tools, bags of cement and bricks weigh an absolute ton! Not only do you want to strike up a lasting impression with your clients, but having a vehicle that can carry all of your gear is all part of the deal. Kitting yourself out with the most reliable and practical van on the market should be at the top of your list. If you’re a typical domestic builder, you want to look out … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know about the Refurbished Wholesale Business

For many people, the word "refurbished" has a negative connotation. It's associated with used and old goods that are not in good condition or worth buying. But refurbished items don't have to be like this. There are plenty of opportunities for you to start your own refurbished wholesale business if you know where to look for products and how it works. The refurbished … [Read more...]

Business Process Automation—A Must Have for Every Company

There are many ways of achieving a digital transformation of your company; however, business process automation is currently the most effective way to make it a reality, with many added benefits that any organization striving to grow and to build a competitive edge will learn to appreciate. Companies can automate not only individual operations and elements of a given process, … [Read more...]

Top Reasons to Get Business Insurance

Setting up a small business is a big task, with a lot of different challenges and responsibilities for owners to take into account. It's not enough to simply have good ideas for products and services or be a passionate, determined person with good business sense. You need to excel in many different areas, from marketing and branding to hiring and establishing a great workplace … [Read more...]

5 Important Types of Insurance for Businesses during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many uncertainties to the attention of business leaders around the world, and nowadays companies are struggling to minimize financial losses and stay afloat. While there are many tactics you can use to make 2021 your best business year yet, it’s important to remember that updating your coverage and getting the right insurance is one of the most … [Read more...]

New Bill Crushes Title Loans and Other Predatory Lending

Early on in January, Illinois lawmakers introduced House Bill 5871, or the Economic Equity Bill. This bill covers a lot of different areas. It aims to create new laws related to employment background checks, lead water pipes, and reparations for the slave trade. The area that we want to talk about is the section on predatory lending. Before we talk about how the bill aims to … [Read more...]