Small Business Marketing Tips and Ideas

Whether it’s traditional marketing, internet and email marketing, or social media marketing you want to learn more about, you will find articles here that will help you build your brand, attract customers, and grow your small business. In the digital age, marketing is changing almost on a daily basis. Learn how to market your small business in the most effective ways to reach your target audience.

How to Thrive During the Holiday Season

Each holiday season, consumers are bombarded by ads from major brands, all vying to be the one chosen to finish off your holiday gift list. But these retailers have millions to spend, and our nation’s small business owners are finding it difficult to compete. Vistaprint recently surveyed 500 owners of main street small business owners nationwide to find out just how important … [Read more...]

5 Design Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Ecommerce Website

Creating your own ecommerce site requires a lot of brains and, let’s face it, some luck. However, when it comes down to ecommerce, you can minimize the risks by understanding how your consumers use your site and how can you can constantly improve it. The amount of mistakes and tiny errors one can make when creating an ecommerce site are almost infinite. But a pattern can … [Read more...]

The Benefits of a Mobile-Centric Marketing Strategy

The reason so many marketers suggest that your marketing strategy should be mobile-centric is due to the fact that we live in a mobile-centric world. About one-third of the entire human population has access to a mobile phone but there are other, more relevant statistics to justify such a massive shift in the mindset. Namely, since 2015 there are more searches through mobile … [Read more...]

8 Tips That Will Help You Create Branded Content That Will Convert

The best online content encourages conversion. Whether you're looking to increase engagement with your readership, increase your sales numbers, or otherwise, you've got to be creating good, branded content. Here are 8 tips that will help you get the most out of your content and get those conversion rates up. Utilize Peer Reviews A reader is much more likely to believe what … [Read more...]

The Online Business: 5 Keys to Successful Web Design

The increasing online access available to today’s consumer has opened a broad target audience for all kinds of businesses. Any entrepreneur thinking of starting a small enterprise must consider reaching the online market, and that means having the right platform – a website. Websites make it possible for customers to find you without too much trouble when they want to buy your … [Read more...]