Small Business Ideas and Help with Money

Moneying articles focus on all aspects related to business finance, including budgeting, bookkeeping, pricing strategy, insurance, and more. Since you presumably went into business to make money, knowing how to manage it effectively will help keep you in business and move you toward the profitability you seek.

6 Tips for Creating a Retirement Plan

Creating a retirement plan can be a big decision as there are many different kinds of retirement accounts available to you. Some are very simple, such as a 401(k), while others are more complicated. Various other types of retirement plans cover the whole gamut of investments, including those that cover IRAs, stocks, bonds, and others. If you're getting confused, then try out … [Read more...]

Understanding Short Term Stocks

Successful investment in the stock market often requires a variety of strategies. For some investments, patience is your best bet, so your portfolio might include long-term investments like real estate and stocks you keep for somewhere from 10 to 30 years. These are investments you may rely on for consistent growth for retirement. To keep some of your money liquid, you can also … [Read more...]

Are You Self-Employed? How to Handle Your Finances Better

As a small business, you may not have an accounting team to take care of your finances for you, which puts you in charge of this massive responsibility. Because of this, you should take a look at these tips for handling finances more effectively, whether you’re a solo business owner or a freelancer. Set Up Safety Nets You need to plan for the worst and having a safety net in … [Read more...]

How to Boost Your Business Revenue

No matter what your budget, there are strategies that you can use to improve your bottom line and increase your profits. The key to success and increased revenues is to maintain a balance between your long-term and short-term goals. With the right marketing tactics, you can boost your income while cutting your costs. Use the Right Marketing Strategies One of the best ways to … [Read more...]

6 Things to Know Before Investing in Stocks

Did you know that investing in the stock markets brings back an average return of seven percent each year after inflation? Well, stock investment is a long-term project that could beat inflation and give handsome returns. However, just like any other business, stock investment has its fair share of challenges. Knowing well what you want in the stock market and understanding … [Read more...]

How Do Online Lenders Compare to Traditional Banking Industry?

The lending industry is growing and adding more and more options as time goes by. Gone are the days when you had to line up for hours to complete your loan application, only to receive a rejection letter several days or weeks later. There has never been a time with as many lending options as now and this has given many individuals and businesses access to financing that they … [Read more...]

How Volumes of Online Trading are Rising in Nigeria

The rise of Forex in Nigeria is undeniable. In 2019, the country was the runner-up in terms of the trading volume. Now, it is poised to outperform South Africa. The global pandemic has also given impetus to the industry, and it is growing fast. Here is a look at the figures available today. Facts and Figures According to last year’s estimates, the daily turnover of the Forex … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bills

As a business owner, your phone helps you to contact your customers and clients for important business transactions, but many businesspeople nowadays are scratching their heads because of their expensive cell phone bills. With a myriad of phone providers and mobile plans to choose from today, make sure to go for one that can save you money. In addition to this, you have to … [Read more...]

Demo Trade Your Way to Success: What to Know When Opening a Demo Forex Account

There is a plethora of different Forex trading platforms, each of them having their own advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics, but how is a novice trader supposed to know which system will work best for him and which platform will best serve his trading expectations? The answer is simple: try it out. Indeed, you may get quite confused when you see beginner Forex … [Read more...]

Five Money Management Strategies for Day Traders

Without managing money properly, your business may not be able to stay in the market for as long as you’d like; technical skills are not enough to create longevity in the market. If you are not proficient in money management and leverage and risk management, you put your business in a high-risk position. Unfortunately, money management is not a skill that you can build … [Read more...]