Small Business Strategy and Planning

The most successful business owners are always thinking ahead. If you are a new business owner, strategizing about mission statements, corporate culture and business plans are things you would be smart to address early on. More seasoned business owners can benefit from articles on everything from setting client expectations to creating a niche for your small business

Reducing the Stress of Moving to a New Home

Moving is as exciting as it is stressful, especially in the middle of a pandemic. A OnePoll done on behalf of North American Van Lines said 45% of people think moving is the most stressful life event. There are the big decisions (such as choosing a mover) and the time-sucking tasks (such as confirming your rights are being protected and you aren't being scammed). This might … [Read more...]

3 Tips for a Successful App Launch

Given that we are discussing, a successful app launch, we will be focusing on several crucial aspects of the preproduction, marketing and postproduction processes in particular. Thousands of applications are launched every year across all the four major operating systems, but only a handful of them ever gain the recognition they hope for. Much of that has to do with a poor … [Read more...]

Hit and Miss Accidents: Were You Ghosted on Halloween?

Hit and miss accidents often bring serious damages to road users, much like hit and run car crashes. A hit-and-run accident refers to an incident where the at-fault driver leaves the crash scene without stopping to exchange information with the injured motorist or road user. Unlike a hit-and-run accident where two vehicles are often involved, a hit-and-miss accident is usually … [Read more...]

Are Men More Likely to Be Killed on the Job?

Men are ten times more likely to be killed at the workplace compared to women. A census report shared by Forbes indicates that in 2017 alone, 4,761 men died on the job in the U.S. compared to 386 women. A 2019 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that fishing and hunting, logging, roofing, and piloting a helicopter or small plane were the most dangerous jobs in … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Increase Small Business Project Management

As a business owner, you shouldn’t think of project management as more work but as a mechanism for working smarter. If project management is done correctly, it can help streamline the proofing process and ensure that work is done on time and on budget. Therefore, you need to ensure that your team is always on the right track to launch and execute a project successfully. … [Read more...]

Individuals Create Abundant Opportunities on a Team

Opportunities stem from the diversity, strengths, and shortcomings found within teams. The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” can be tweaked slightly to apply to business, as “It takes a team to achieve success.” The key to creating a more positive and influential work environment is recognizing the opportunities each individual brings. Leaders must … [Read more...]

How to Support Someone—Even if You Don’t Like Their Ideas

We’ve all been there before: you’re in a meeting when someone throws out a proposal or says something that you think is dumb. Cue the eye rolling. Get back to the phone and the laptop. Tune out. Communication is the public theater of improvisation. In the face of an uncertain and unscripted future, improvisation is a mode of decision making that is instantaneous and taps … [Read more...]

How Has Big Data Transformed Business Operations?

Data is the information provided by tools used to measure, record, and extract information from phenomena. These tools are known as Big Data. They are designed to answer questions based on their experience with prior data sets instead of being instructed to look for specific patterns in new data. The volume of data captured has exponentially increased over recent years due to … [Read more...]

5 Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Your Small Business

At some point, most small businesses will need to hire a lawyer for one reason or another. Whether it is because you are starting a new business and want to make sure that you have all of the paperwork in order, or because your current company has outgrown its current location and you need help with negotiating lease terms, there are many reasons why it can be beneficial to … [Read more...]

Here’s a Blueprint for Your Business Success

Many people graduate from high school or even college without really knowing what they want to do with their lives. After graduation or perhaps following a few years out in the working world, you might decide that you'd like to work in business. Maybe you have something specific in mind, like accounting, or maybe you just have a general ambition to succeed in something … [Read more...]