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Good Design is Inviting

Good Design is Inviting

Be Inviting

When was the last time you walked through model homes? It’s something my wife and I like to do now and then. One thing we’ve noticed is that a lot of effort goes into styling the homes to make them feel inviting. It’s like they are saying “this is what this home can provide”.

When it comes to promoting and marketing your small business are you inviting to your potential customers? The visual brand you display is important for making the customer feel at home spending money on your product or service.

Promote Results

A good way to make customers feel at home is to promote the end result. Or to put it another way, show how your product or service can make your customer’s life/problem better. If you repair heating or air conditioning, appeal to that potential customer’s desire to be comfortable again. Using imagery of a family comfortable at home, kids playing indoors happily, etc. You can always offer a discount once you get a phone call, but using coupons and discounts as your main message can cheapen your brand.

There are a lot of customers and clients out there who want to have the model home experience when it comes to your business. Make it easy for them to feel comfortable, make a decision, and ultimately spend money with you. You can do those things with good design.

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by Jerry Lund // Award-winning design veteran with more than 20 years’ experience focusing on the effectiveness of marketing solutions from a branded and aesthetic viewpoint.

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