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How Knockout Pest Control in Temecula Beats Out the Big Guys

How Knockout Pest Control in Temecula Beats Out the Big Guys

In almost every industry, small business owners find themselves competing with the “big guys.” The big guys are the well-known brands that offer similar products and services to your small business, but are much larger, often national, companies. They have large marketing departments and budgets behind them, and are able to make their names familiar to the average consumer. They have the money for radio and television ads, billboards on well-traveled highways, ads in top publications, and expensive signage that you can only dream about.

Whether you’re competing against a local business that’s part of a national franchise or a one that’s part of a large chain, it can feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle that’s impossible to win.

Given all of that, there are still plenty of small businesses that succeed in the marketplace. One of those small businesses is Temecula, California pest control company Knockout Pest Control & Termite. Knockout is a family-owned and -operated company that services Temecula and the surrounding cities of Murrieta and Fallbrook. They have a tight crew of highly trained pest control technicians, termite specialists, and construction experts. They offer services including monthly pest control service, termite inspections and treatment, and structural repair services.

Their customers appreciate that they can call Knockout for multiple services and have their homes and businesses taken care of by one great local company. This is especially true when it comes to termite control. Knockout can perform a termite inspection, handle the extermination of termites using fumigation or spot treatment, and repair any damage done by termites. They are basically a one-stop shop for people with termite issues. Busy families and business owners appreciate not having to make multiple phone calls to several different companies to have their homes taken care of with regard to termites. Real estate agents in need of termite inspections know that Knockout will come through for their clients with accurate and complete reports, delivered in a timely manner.

Knockout has also made a name for themselves by being an active part of their community. The company is a supporter of local sports teams, such as youth baseball and football teams and the athletic programs of the local high schools. Many of Knockout’s customers recognize and value their commitment to making their community a better place to live. It makes people feel good to know that their hard-earned dollars are staying within their community, rather than going to some huge corporation in another part of the country.

Finally, Knockout offers the type of customer service that is difficult to find outside of small, local businesses. They take care of their customers’ needs, and they are responsive and handle any customer issues promptly. The company’s owner is still actively involved in the daily operations and makes sure the business is run to his high standards.

Some of the largest pest control companies in the country operate in the same area as Knockout, but Knockout is still seeing great success. They are continuing to expand their loyal customer base and grow their company, without sacrificing quality pest control and excellent customer service.

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by Emily Lund // Co-founder and Managing Editor of Businessing Magazine. Content Strategist and multi-function copywriter at Modmacro℠, specializing in marketing communications for small businesses and non-profits.

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