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Why Is Golfing the Perfect Corporate Outing Activity During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Why Is Golfing the Perfect Corporate Outing Activity During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a great toll on our way of living and we all had to adapt to various changes to protect ourselves from this novel virus. Businesses were probably the most affected. Along with financial hardships and other challenges, many had to adjust to a remote working situation, which has its disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of switching to remote working is that it can affect the dynamics of the team, lower morale, and decrease productivity. To help strengthen the bonds among the employees but also between them and their leader, a corporate outing is necessary from time to time. A golf corporate outing is a perfect choice because, as you will learn further along with this article, it is both safe and fun, and it can even have some great health benefits.

The Benefits of a Corporate Outing

Getting together outside of the office has always been fun, but, especially now, with the rapid changes that people had to adapt to and the increase in stress levels, regularly scheduling a corporate outing is even more important. There are several ways in which it can help your team increase its performance, such as the following.

  • Helping new employees get acquainted and develop bonds with older ones
  • Helping the employees unwind and de-stress
  • Increasing team productivity by giving the employees a chance to recharge their batteries
  • Improving the team’s performance by helping the employees know each other better and learn about their strengths and weaknesses
  • Raising team morale and improving communication between employees
  • Establishing a strong company culture by making the employees feel that their happiness is valued.

The Golfing Scene during the Pandemic

The one activity that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic is golfing. Golf has actually seen an increase in interest as it was among the first activities considered “safe” when the United States started to reopen after lockdown. The increase in popularity is due to the fact that because of the ongoing health crisis, the practice of many organized activities was blocked and restrictions were imposed that didn’t allow people to experience their regular doses of entertainment.

However, golf courses have a lot of excitement to offer amateurs and professionals alike, while also keeping them safe, by presenting a reduced risk of COVID exposure.

There are a few safety measures that you should respect to ensure you get the most out of your game with the least amount of risk. Here is what you are advised to do before and during your game.

Check for Updates in the Golf Course’s Regulations

Due to the pandemic, golf courses have also made a few changes, so some golf courses may not have any golf carts or beverage carts available on-site. So, for the best experience, make sure to check for updates in the course’s regulations before heading out on the field.

  • Wear a mask where it is necessary
  • Bring your own gear if possible
  • Make sure to bring water supplies and snacks
  • Stay outside as much as possible
  • Bring a trolley or a lightweight bag

Golfing as the Perfect Corporate Outing Amidst the Pandemic

Besides being one of the safest means of entertainment during the pandemic, golfing is also loads of fun and has various health benefits. So, by going on a golf outing, your team has a lot to benefit from. Being outside and engaging in physical activity can reduce stress levels, boost morale, strengthen the body, and increase overall health.

Golfing is a great choice of activity if your team is fond of nature as well, as most golf courses are located in beautiful natural settings and many also offer some pretty spectacular views.

To help you plan your next corporate outing and make sure you and your team will reap the most benefits and have the best time, here are some of the best and most impressive golf courses for you to choose from.

Reunion Resort & Golf Club

Location: 7593 Gathering Dr, Kissimmee, FL.

Price range: Starting from $100 per night per golfer (Low Season).

Reunion Resort is a world-class destination for corporate golf outings with an abundance of lodging options to choose from, ranging from villas to luxurious private vacation homes. The resort offers three golf courses for you to choose from:

  • The Watson Course – the most beginner friendly
  • The Nicklaus Course – the hardest of the trio
  • The Palmer Course – a rolling course in the Palmer tradition

All three courses have some common features. Every course has immaculate conditions, from tee to green, and is well maintained. It is truly a pleasure to play on any of them.

Pebble Beach Resort

Location: 17-Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, CA.

Price range: Starting from $600 per night per golfer (Low Season).

Pebble Beach Resort Golf Club sits at the top of the golf world. With award-winning lodging options to choose from, such as the famous Lodge at Pebble Beach Resort, it is one of the best spots for a golf corporate outing.

The Pebble Beach Golf Links, located right along the Pacific Ocean, is on the bucket list of any golf enthusiast, with a golf course design, views, setting, and overall experience that are second to none, playing on this course is truly a rewarding experience. The views are just spectacular– probably the best you can find on any golf course. The first time playing on this course, you may find it hard to focus on the game as you marvel at this exquisite meeting of land and sea.

We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort

Location: 10438 Wekopa Way, Scottsdale, AZ.

Price range: Starting from $80 per night per golfer (Low Season).

The We-Ko-Pa Golf Resort, located in Fountain Hills, Arizona, only 20 minutes away from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, is another great choice for a refreshing corporate outing. Located in a gorgeous natural setting, being surrounded by Red Mountain, Four Peaks, and the rest of the Superstition Mountains, it offers some high-quality golf along with a breath of fresh air and amazing views.

The resort is home to two award winning and highly acclaimed golf courses:

  • The Saguaro Course – Found at the top of any “best in the state” list, playing on the Saguaro Course will definitely be a memorable experience for the whole team.
  • The Cholla Course – Consistently rated among the top ten golf courses to play on in the state of Arizona, the Cholla Course will definitely challenge every club in your bag, creating a first-class golf experience.

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