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Gearing up Your Small Business for Fall

Gearing up Your Small Business for Fall

We tend to think of New Year’s Eve as the time to ring out the old and bring in the new, but fall can be a new beginning for your small business.

Many of us tend to shift into a lower gear during the summer, and that’s a good thing. We all need time to slow down. With the kids going back to school and the holiday season quickly approaching after that, however, now is the time to prepare for a strong final quarter.

Here are some tips for using those last days of summer to get some more customers heading your way this fall.

Check in With Clients

If you’ve been taking some time off here and there this summer, chances are good your customers have been too. It’s time to reconnect with them. Here’s how:

  • send them an email with a mobile-friendly link to your website
  • email or snail mail a newsletter that features updates on your business
  • update your social media pages
  • invite customers/clients to a fall event or sale with an email or a postcard
  • give your clients a call

Send out a newsletter and let your clients know what is happening with your business in the months to come or email clients with a personal note.

Manage Your Cash Flow

Not everyone slows down in summer. Maybe your business is in full swing during the summer, and you have some leaner months ahead. Plan now by setting aside some reserve funds for the rest of the year.

Take the time to make any needed changes in your budget if your finances are not matching up to your earlier projections. Meet with your tax advisor to see if there are ways you can lower your tax payments for the next financial year.

Take Stock

September is a great time to do some of the projects you have been putting off. Does your office need a new coat of paint? Have you been putting off buying that new furniture or piece of equipment? Use this time to spruce things up around your office and to make things more efficient.

Clean Up

Who says cleaning projects are for the spring only? If things gotten a little lax around your office this summer, take some time to tidy up your workspace. Remove clutter and get your business supplies organized and ready to go.

Plan for Cooler Weather

What promotions or sales can you launch to boost business this fall? It’s not too early to think about the holiday season and how you can offer special services and events or discounts for winter products and services. Order additional stock as needed.

If the holidays are your busy time, decide now if you need to hire additional staff members and get that process in motion.

Set Goals

What do you want to accomplish in the next few months? Take the time to review your business plan and to make any needed revisions. Look where you are and where your competitors are, and then set some realistic, achievable goals.

Goal setting helps revitalize you and helps you to better motivate your team members.

Although the leaves may soon be falling, autumn is a time for growth and opportunity. As students head back to school and animals store up food for winter, fall is a great time to reboot your small business. The change of the season can be a great time to freshen up your strategies and to attract new customers.


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by Tricia Drevets // Regular Contributor to Businessing Magazine. Tricia Drevets is a freelance writer who specializes in business and communication topics. A community college speech and theater instructor, Tricia lives in beautiful Southern Oregon.

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