Albert Cooper 

How to Determine if Your Investment Advisor is Reputable

No matter what type of relationship you are trying to build, trust is at the core and becomes central to the association very quickly. When money is involved, as with an investment or financial advisor, a single moment of broken trust can wipe out years of savings and planning. With the inherent complications of investing, knowing you can trust your advisor and that he or she … [Read more...]

7 Big Benefits of Using PDF Files for Business

Portable Document Format, which most people know simply as PDF, refers to a file format where text and image documents are presented independent of hardware, software, and operating systems. PDF was developed in the 1990s by Adobe. Over the years, this form of document presentation has continued to gain acceptance, especially in corporate quarters. Indeed, PDF has become so … [Read more...]

Why Marketers Should Be Wary of the Shiny Object Syndrome

Marketers have very different personalities from their colleagues in the financial and accounting professions. They tend to be vibrant, inventive, whimsical, ambitious, and impatient. While they bring a lot of creativity to their organization, they also have a tendency to adapt some bad habits as well. One of the issues that marketers need to get over is the “shiny market … [Read more...]

Should You Move to a Coworking Space?

If you're an entrepreneur, you know that one of the most challenging parts of running your own business is creating ideal working conditions. This is true whether you have numerous employees to manage or work as a sole proprietor. One of the most recent trends in the entrepreneurial sector is the concept of a coworking space. These professional environments provide … [Read more...]