About the Food Truck Design Awards

Food Truck Design Contest  

What are the Criteria?

Judges will evaluate and compare each food truck’s logo design and truck graphics (their brand identity). Then readers will vote for their favorites. And the top winners will be showcased in a special announcement. So nominate food trucks that have a unique and memorable design.

Why Food Trucks?

First, because they’re cool. People love food trucks and the craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In many cases, food trucks represent the juxtaposition of consuming creative, gourmet food, but it’s served from the side a truck. White table cloth not required. By and large food trucks have earned a strong reputation for putting out quality products, often specializing in organic and other popular trends. It’s not the fine dining experience that some prefer, but the surprisingly great food is often well worth it. Plus it’s fun to watch as food truck proprietors announce their next location via their websites and social media. Like groupies follow bands on tour, foodies often follow food trucks around the city.

Second, food truck owners tend to be interesting, edgy, rule breakers. Not really a surprise considering they’re driving around a kitchen for a living. But that often leads to interesting logos and truck graphics. And that’s our focus for this awards contest.