Conversion Rate Optimization

What Website Metrics Should You Pay Attention to and Which Should You Ignore?

There are a lot of numbers and more data available to you regarding your site than one person can manage. Yet, it is very important to understand these metrics to know if your website is on the right path. The alternative is that your website could be headed for failure because you didn’t understand your metrics. Luckily, there is a lot of data that you can safely ignore. … [Read more...]

Why Text Messaging Has Become Powerful for Business Marketing

Text messaging has previously been meant for communication and nothing else, but recently, entrepreneurs have started utilizing this technology for their businesses, and so far, the results are surprisingly satisfactory. Businesses are getting more leads and sales revenue is at an all-time high. Perhaps these testimonies are the main reason why you became interested in text … [Read more...]

4 Proven CRO Strategies for Increasing e-commerce Sales

If you’re getting lots of traffic to your site, you’ve won half the battle. After all, promoting your online shop, ranking well in search results, and encouraging people to click and visit can take time. But have you ever stepped back and looked at your site’s conversion rates? It won’t matter who finds you in search results, how many people subscribe to your email list, how … [Read more...]