Household Debt

Most Inspiring Quotes to Help you Deal with Debt

It's not enough to simply pay off your debts; you need the inspiration to want to do it. Paying off debt is hard and involves sacrifice.  It's only going to work if you realize that a debt-free future is possible for everyone. Debt and the dodgier sides of the credit industry rely on you believing that debt is a way of life, and that you don't need to pay it off as much as … [Read more...]

How to Build Personal Wealth

Wealth is an essential element that brings a comfortable and relaxed life. Here are crucial tips to help you build a strong financial foundation that will give you financial freedom. Budget Your Money Before you spend money, create a budget to guide you on what to buy and how much you can save. This should be a continuous process to help you build wealth. It may not be an … [Read more...]

More Households Rely on Personal Loans as Wage Levels Stall

Household debt is on the rise as stagnant wages and an increase in living costs put the squeeze on living standards. Research from the Trade Union Congress (TUC), a federation of trade unions in England and Wales, has found that the average secured debt per household stood at £13,200 last year, which is just £100 short of the levels it reached before the financial … [Read more...]