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5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make with Their Marketing

Running a small business is extremely difficult. One of the most difficult parts of the job is marketing your business. While huge corporations may have huge marketing budgets with almost limitless resources, small business owners must make do with much less. If you want to succeed at marketing your small business, there are common mistakes you must avoid. Below are five. Not … [Read more...]

Tailoring Your Marketing Strategy to Your Target Customers

33.7 million small businesses currently operate in the United States, accounting for nearly 100% of all businesses. However, only about 66% of small businesses survive for two years on average, while only 50% are still around five years down the line. Failing to implement a solid marketing strategy is a key reason why businesses fail. By devising an effective marketing strategy … [Read more...]

Ultimate Guide to Local SEO for Small Business Owners

A common predicament that small business owners have while competing with other businesses and huge brands is their limited budget. This is one major reason why local SEO is considered as a powerful marketing tool by many small businesses. In this article, there are some effective local SEO methods that can help small businesses in achieving good rankings in local searches. … [Read more...]