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Audio Interview with Steve Bordley, Inventor of TrekDesk

Audio Interview with Steve Bordley, Inventor of TrekDesk

In this interview, Steve Bordley talks about the importance of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and how even the busiest businesspeople can get moving using his invention, the TrekDesk. The TrekDesk is an affordable desk that attaches to almost any treadmill, allowing someone to walk as they work.

In the interview, Steve also discusses how he built his business and turned the TrekDesk into a global sensation, addressing topics such as generating media buzz and conducting a successful Kickstarter campaign. This interview will inspire any business owner or aspiring entrepreneur to follow their passion and dream big.

Steve Bordley invented TrekDesk after a serious accident left him sedentary for more than two years. Seeing his health declining, but having a schedule that left him little time to exercise, Steve created a rudimentary desk that attached to his treadmill so he could walk during his working hours. After experiencing the health benefits of walking, Steve was driven to develop and bring the TrekDesk to the market to encourage others to join him in what he calls a “Movement Revolution.”

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