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How Can I Learn Proper Grammar?

How Can I Learn Proper Grammar?

Instead of tackling the challenge of English on your own, it can be beneficial to use an innovative tool to help. If you want to learn proper grammar, one of our top suggestions is to consider Grammarly Premium.

With Grammarly, you not only get corrections on your writing, but each edit suggestion comes with an explanation.

How Does Grammarly Teach Proper Grammar?

You might be wondering how a program can teach you the ins and outs of English. Although it’s not the same as in-class teachings, Grammarly takes a unique approach to improve the writer’s grammar.

When you enter text, the platform immediately begins analyzing various aspects of each sentence. You will then receive suggestions based on grammar errors, punctuation, tone, clarity, readability, and more.

With each suggestion, you’ll receive a small excerpt that explains why specifically the program recommends individual edits. With every mistake, there’s a lesson to be learned, which you can apply to your future work. Over time, and the more often you use the platform, the easier it will be to identify grammar issues and avoid them.

Interestingly, the edit suggestions on Grammarly are equally beneficial for native English speakers and multilingual writers. Even with an adequate grasp of English, you would be surprised at some of the tricky concepts of grammar.

Do I Need Grammarly Premium for Grammar Suggestions?

Fortunately, you can get grammar suggestions from Grammarly without spending the money on a premium subscription. However, it’s not going to be as in-depth as what you would receive with a paid subscription.

Free accounts get basic grammar checks similar to what you’d see with a word processor. Paying for a premium subscription allows you to analyze your text more in-depth for professional-level edits.

For example, you can learn whether passages are delivered using the appropriate tone and if they’re engaging. Also, there are a few “smart” features built into the system.

The more often you edit materials through Grammarly, the more the program remembers. Eventually, it provides a list of standard edits that you make with your work, helping you to correct several errors at once. This feature is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ones for making your writing more efficient and effortless.

Alternatives for Learning Proper Grammar

If you don’t have regular access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer, Grammarly might not be an option. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways that you can learn proper grammar.


One of the top-recommended options for learning grammar is to read helpful language books. The more books you get your hands on, the more text your brain will take in, allowing you to reinforce correct grammar. It can be even more beneficial to read text out loud so that you can see what it looks and sounds like simultaneously.

By combining visual and audible stimuli, your brain can improve your writing, reading, and speaking fluency. Not to mention, reading is another distinctive way to improve your vocabulary.

Grammar Games and Exercises

Between books and the Internet, there are many resources available to teach proper grammar to writers. You’ll find various games and digital exercises that allow you to work on sentence construction. Also, they are typically available in levels, so you can start from beginner and work your way up to expert.

Like a classroom environment, studying grammar is a useful way to apply it correctly. You can also find practice tests from teachers around the world to help you reinforce your learning.

Proofreading Out Loud

Reading out loud can address the majority of grammar mistakes as you might realize that a specific sentence doesn’t sound correct or sounds off.

Readers can quickly identify run-on sentences and problems with subject-verb agreements when saying the text aloud. This point is one of the main reasons why it’s recommended you triple-check assignments before submitting them.

Even with the help of specialized grammar checkers, you can find lost errors amidst your other edits. One of the more notable benefits of proofreading out loud is that you can get tips and advice from others.

Independent Study and Practice

If you prefer to learn in a traditional environment, you can always hire online or in-person tutors to help you with grammar. These trained professionals will explain the in-depth concepts of proper grammar, ranging from clauses to parts of speech. You’ll learn about nouns, adjectives, interjections, prepositions, and more, all within the comfort of your home.

After your lessons, it’s essential to push yourself a step further and begin practicing as soon as possible. The more often you write, the easier it will become, especially once you can find grammar errors in your text. Eventually, you’ll be able to write flawlessly with limited grammatical errors.


Writers and readers looking to learn proper grammar have many resources at their disposal. You can choose from impressively designed online platforms like Grammarly for hands-on grammar activities. The more often you practice, the more comfortable writing and reading English will become.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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