How to Help Your Child Write a Professional Essay

Writing is an essential skill that all children should have before they become college or university student where they're expected to do various writing tasks, like analytical essays, book reviews, research papers, and hopefully, at the end of their college life, a dissertation. However, writing becomes terribly stressful and tedious for almost all students. Struggling with … [Read more...]

5 Steps for Reducing Wasted Time in Company Meetings

Meetings are the bane of the modern office worker as they usually consume far more time than they’re worth and they are often not very productive at all. A good manager or meeting chair will conduct meetings efficiently and with a clear goal in mind, but just how does one accomplish that if your attendees are keen for a good old chat? Here are five quick ways to reduce time … [Read more...]

Sending Fax Using Your Computer

Fax machines are used in corporate settings to send large files to other organizations or clients. Today, thanks to technology advances, the good thing is that you don’t need to buy units for the fax machine; you can use computer-based apps to fax large files to a recipient using just your computer. What Are Fax Apps? Fax apps are installed on local area networks (LAN) to … [Read more...]

How to Write a Business Leader Resume in 2020

A business leader has qualities such as confidence, persistence, and inventiveness, so these same qualities need to come forth on your business leader resume that you will present your candidature in the best possible manner. In this article, we will give you an insight into the important features that will help you write a professional resume that has the power to achieve … [Read more...]

4 Essential Skills Every Business Owner Should Have

Growing a business into a successful venture is not easy. You must, for one, be very passionate and hardworking, but the sad truth, however, is that 50% of businesses fail after five years. The majority of these failures can be attributed to a lack of the right business skills. No amount of passion can replace the solid skills required to run a successful enterprise, so in this … [Read more...]

Seven Reasons Why You Might Want to Head Back to the Office When COVID-19 Is Finally Over

COVID-19 has changed the way we experience the world in a lot of ways. We’re eating out less, spending less time with friends and family, and the kids are learning from home instead of the classroom, but one of the biggest changes has come to employees who now work at a computer from home instead of going into the office. In some ways, this has been a good thing. It can save … [Read more...]

Why Transcription Services Can Help Grow Your Enterprise

If you have a business, one of the goals that you work towards every day is making it grow and become more successful. It is an exciting process that takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and it means that you have to create a strategy for growth and use all of the available technology around you to assist your business. Does your team do a lot of transcription, … [Read more...]

TCL 10L Smartphone Deep Dive Review

The TCL 10L smartphone is set to launch in July 2020. We got a small peak from the company during the CES event 2020 of the new series of smartphones. TCL recently revealed the features and price of the latest smartphones. A few features were about the display size, camera specifications and processors, which will further be discussed in detail. It will run on android ten … [Read more...]

How to Attract International Clients for Your Business and Keep Them

If business is booming for you and you’re looking to expand, now might be time to turn your focus to the international market. Now that finding international clients and breaking into the global market appears to be the next logical step, you need to be ready and willing to take risks and throw yourself and your business into the ring. The more diverse and far reaching your … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Keep Your One-Person Business Going If You’re Unable to Work

When you run a traditional business, employees can help pick up the slack if you’re ill, injured, or otherwise unable to work for an extended amount of time. But if you’re a one-person business, being forced to take days, weeks, or even months off has the potential of causing damage to the point where you have to close your doors for good. This makes times like we’re seeing … [Read more...]