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How to Have Better Organization in Your Business Space

How to Have Better Organization in Your Business Space

Did you know that many companies experience low productivity because of clutter and poor organization in their office spaces? Not many business owners really appreciate how important having an organized business is although a neat and orderly space paves the way for efficiency and productivity. But what if you already know this, and you’ve tried coming up with sustainable ways to organize your office without success?

Achieving better organization in your business space can be difficult or easy depending on how you approach the process. To help you out, here are the top tips you can follow to achieve that goal easily and painlessly.

Get Caddies and Trays to Improve Organization

There are great plastic caddies and trays that you can obtain from office supply stores to help you organize your drawers and desks. You can even get those that are designed to fit into desk drawers perfectly. With a good tray, all those paper clips, thumbtacks, and loose pens should have a place to be, and it should be easier for you to find them going forward.

Create a Filing System

Besides being easy to maintain, a good filing system should match how you work. Depending on your work and personal preference, you can file in an alphabetical order, by client, project, date, or any other method that works for you.

One of the best ways of achieving a good filing system is making sure you sort, file, and discard the relevant documents regularly to prevent clutter from piling up in your office space. You can also use a master index or list of file names to ensure you don’t create duplicates while adding new files, and to help you achieve organization for your new files, projects, and clients.

Go Paperless

Did you know that 50% of waste in companies is paper? The benefits of going paperless at work are as obvious as they are countless. Besides saving money on office supplies and increasing the reputation of your business among your prospects and customers, going paperless can also help you maintain an organized office space. Notably, it’s not possible to transition into a paperless business overnight, so you have to make one transformation at a time to achieve that goal. You can start by storing more of your documents and files in the cloud. You can use the online storage resources available, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Once you do that, automate your data backups to make sure none of your documents will get lost.

You can also replace your printed presentations and notepads with information-sharing technology to make sure your business meetings are paperless. Last but not least, choose electronic means of communication over traditional mail. You can take advantage of the groundbreaking text messaging service providers, which help businesses reach hundreds of their customers effortlessly, as well as the instant messaging platforms like Skype to increase the efficiency in your business’ internal communications.

Create “Work Zones” in Your Office Space

One of the reasons many offices are disorganized is the lack of established “work zones.” You need to decide the activities that take place in every single space within your business premises. Start by establishing the main work areas, such as the desk and reference areas, which contain the desk, and things like the filing cabinet, binders, and shelves. Next establish the supply areas, which should have things like drawers, shelves, and closets. Continue doing that until you address all the functions and spaces within your business.

Declutter the Office Spaces

If you have a messy workspace, the first thing you need to do is purge all the unnecessary things that take up the space and make it look cluttered. Go through the piles of papers and eliminate the unnecessary pieces, such as duplicates and tattered papers. Start with the desk surfaces and floors, and then move to the drawers and filing cabinets. Recycle or throw out anything that you’ve not used in about six months.


Do you want to have a more organized office space? If you do, then declutter the office space, get caddies and trays to improve the organization, create a filing system, create work zones in your office space, and go paperless.

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