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All About Flags: What You Need To Know

All About Flags: What You Need To Know

Flags are a piece of fabric with a distinct design and color. They are mostly rectangular or quadrilateral in shape, and they serve several purposes. For example, they can be a symbol, a signalling device, or a decoration.

Originally, flags were used in warfare. However, nowadays, it is extensively used for identification, decorating, and display. For example, the United States flag symbolizes liberty, strength, and unity. And many times, it is a source of pride and inspiration for American citizens.

Are you planning on buying your first flag? What are the things you need to consider? Do you want to know more? Scroll down below!

What Are the Types of Flags?

There are six major types of flags on the market. They come made from different materials such as nylon, polyester, and cotton. They can also vary in how they were constructed depending on their intended use. For example, some are best for light use, and some can withstand a hurricane. Therefore, choosing the right flag will significantly depend on its planned use.

Standard Quality

These flags use 100% synthetic waterproof material. In addition, they use super weave polyester. It’s currently the lowest quality in the market, but it’s still the most popular. These are through-dyed with a fade-resistant dye. They are the best option for outdoor use, especially during fair weather.

All-Weather Quality

These flags have double the toughness of standard quality flags. It uses 100% synthetic waterproof material, and tear and fray resistant nylon. Most of the time, they are used as permanent flag displays. These flags use through-dyed fade-resistant inks. These flags can withstand sunny or rainy days.

Ceremonial Quality

These flags are made from long-lasting nylon. And there is a ceremonial gold fringe stitched around the edges. Therefore it’s best used for parades, events, honor displays, schools, civic events, caskets, ambassadorial quarters, and more. Its thickness and texture are double that of the “Standard Quality” flags.

Civic Quality

These flags are embroidered and not printed. The bright threads add more texture and weight, giving them a superior look and feel. In addition, these flags are 100% synthetic waterproof. They are composed of a tear and fray resistant material so people can use it for indoor or outdoor events.

Military Quality

These flags are long-lasting and waterproof. They used a tear and fray resistant material, double-ply nylon, making it the most formidable flag. You can even use it in the worst weather conditions, and it will remain unscathed.

Premium Quality

Premium quality flags are the only flags that use 100% cotton. It’s fully textured. And all designs are embroidered.

Historical dramas and museums use these flags for setting and display purposes. In addition, these flags are used for official purposes such as diplomatic displays and honor guards. But most of the time, you will see these premium quality flags used on caskets and at memorials and funerals.

Unfortunately, premium quality flags may to be too heavy for long term marching use. As an option, you can check nylon flags as a lighter alternative.

Flags are made available for a variety of reasons. But if you are looking for various political flags and items, you can check out Ultimate Flags for more options.

Quick Tips

If you are looking for a flag intended for outdoor and decorative use, make sure to check out flags that have “grommets”. These are the little rings at the far top and bottom corners on the left side of a flag. Usually, a flag that needs to be attached to a flagpole will need grommets to be adequately secured.

If you are looking for a flag for ceremonial purposes, you need to look for ones with a pole hem. A pole hem is a vertical sleeve on the left side of the flag where the pole can slide in to support a flag.

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