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ERP System: How can You Tell That it Is Time to Upgrade It?

ERP System: How can You Tell That it Is Time to Upgrade It?

There is a reason why we did not entitle this article “When should you change your ERP system?” That is because there is never a good time to do so. Most small and medium size companies will tell you that they simply don’t have the time or the man power to go through such an important change. However, there is an easier solution today that should entice you to do so. What is it and how can you tell that it is, indeed, time to change? Here are the answers.

An Easy Solution for Your Upgrade

ERP is at the core of companies. It is what manages all the processes that are involved in running a business, including finance, production, supply chain, and purchasing, to name only a few. Everything that takes place inside the company should find its way inside this management software. Therefore, upgrading to a new system may seem like too big a task, which is why many companies have postponed the moment. But with the power of AI included in the upgrade versions, this action should not be postponed anymore.

Thanks to a great S4/HANA migration software, the process becomes automated. It uses a step by step approach, backed by a team of specialists, in order to make the journey much shorter through simplified actions that will be put in place. This is great news for all companies still using an older version of their ERP, as they will now be able to benefit from all the novelties that have come up in that field over the last years.

Signs that Should Alert You

A Reduction in Efficiency

When you realize that you are suffering from a loss of efficiency, you need to look at your ERP, as it may be the source of your problem. If your competitors seem to be moving faster than you, it may simply be that they are benefiting from more up-to-date technology. Also, an aging ERP system will cost you more in maintenance, which is money you wouldn’t be spending if you were upgrading.

A Lack of Accessibility

Today, everyone needs to have access to the information, no matter who they are. Employees, customers, suppliers, and partners all need to be able to go into the system by themselves, without having to talk to someone else to do so. Otherwise, the cost of service inside the company will explode, as some of the employees will have to be dedicated to helping others access the data they need. New software is made to be simple and available to all who need entry into the system.

Employee’s Relocation Becomes an Issue

The workplace has outgrown itself. Now, many of the people that used to go to work in the morning, stay home to do the same job they had to complete before at the office. This movement will only continue to grow in the years to come. You may find yourself unable to open the ERP to all, simply because they are located everywhere around the world. That is an issue that can easily be solved by migrating your ERP to the latest version.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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