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San Diego Audiovisual Company, Fluid Sound, Completes Landmark Project for Local Casino

San Diego Audiovisual Company, Fluid Sound, Completes Landmark Project for Local Casino

When you own a business-to-business (B2B) company, it’s important to always keep in mind how your company’s products or services can make your clients more prosperous, efficient, or provide them with something they can’t (or choose not to) do in-house. After all, your own company lives or dies based on how well you serve the needs of other businesses and business owners.

For one San Diego audiovisual company, Fluid Sound, their business is all about helping other businesses improve the way they do things. They work with businesses and organizations across all industries—from entertainment to education to corporate to hospitality—giving them cutting-edge, customized audiovisual systems to serve each organization’s specific needs. Sometimes they are installing state-of-the-art command centers for the military, while other times they are designing corporate boardrooms with the latest in communication and presentation technology, or working with entertainment venues to install huge video walls and other displays that can enhance the guest experience.

One of their most recently completed projects—the expansion of a local San Diego casino—is a great case study in everything involved in taking a project from the beginning stages to a successful end. The client, Barona Casino in San Diego, came to Fluid Sound with an initial design already in hand. The casino had hired a consultant to draw up some plans that they could then use to get bids from various San Diego audiovisual companies. When Fluid Sound saw the plans, they knew they could design a better system that would also save the casino a significant amount of money. By proposing the use of HDMI over IP technology, Fluid Sound was able to save the casino approximately $250,000 on their project!

After Fluid Sound won the job, they started getting down to the details of the project. One of the challenges was tying the legacy casino floor to the new expansion through the use of audiovisual technology. As Fluid Sound Partner Dennis Pappenfus said,

Throughout the entire design and installation process, we had to keep cohesion in mind. Casinos are all about the cohesiveness of the experience, and Barona Casino is no different. The new audiovisual system had to tie the expansion area to the legacy casino floor in a way that would feel seamless to casino guests.”

They also needed to create a system that would be easy for the casino operator to use to create an exciting atmosphere for guests. Fluid Sound’s system uses an intuitive and easy-to-operate iPad interface that controls the casino’s entire AV system. Changing things like lighting, audio, and video displays can be done with the touch of a button, and doesn’t require any special expertise on the part of the casino operator. Creating audiovisual systems that are easy to use is at the heart of every project Fluid Sound designs and installs.

Another part of the Barona Casino project, was the creation of a customized video dome at the entrance of the casino’s new parking garage. Designing a system that would allow for a 20K lumen image to be displayed over the entire surface of the huge dome was a challenge, but in the end, it created a stunning display that will be sure to impress every guest that passes it.

The project concluded with a happy client who was able to get all of the audiovisual technology on their list for a price tag that was much less than they had anticipated. Fluid Sound gets the satisfaction of knowing that they were able meet all of their client’s needs and create a stunning environment with an infrastructure that will serve the casino well for many years to come.

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