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Top 5 Products to Counteract Ice and Snow

Top 5 Products to Counteract Ice and Snow

Winter’s here, which means there’s a good chance of seeing some pretty unpleasant weather. Whether it’s ice underfoot first thing in the morning or a full-on snowstorm, it pays to be prepared. That way you ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Lack of proper preparation can lead to inconvenience and even injury.

With that in mind, here are 5 products you can buy well in advance that will help keep you safe from ice and snow through the winter.

Rock Salt

If it’s good enough for official gritting services, it’s good enough for us. You might just be amazed at how simple and effective good old-fashioned rock salt is at keeping ice and snow at bay.

Buy several bags in advance and store them for when you need them. Then when the cold weather is about to hit, simply use your hands or a shovel to give the paths around your home a generous covering. This will prevent any snow from sticking or ice from developing, and make sure the ground is safe underfoot.


It does what it says on the tin; you should always have some de-icer to hand. It comes in a variety of liquid, powder, and crystal forms depending on your preference. They all ultimately have the same effect, however.

De-icers are designed to be fast-acting and safe to use. So, providing you follow the instructions provided on the packaging it should be easy to keep your pathways free from ice and snow. Purchasing de-icer in advance will help prevent you getting caught out by a cold snap.

Snow Shovels

Chemicals can’t save you all the time, though. Sometimes you have to rely on your own two hands and some good old-fashioned elbow grease by breaking out the snow shovels.

There are various sizes and shapes available, depending on the severity of the snow and the size of the area you need to clear. Though it can be hard work, there are still few ways more effective to clear away snow than with a quality snow shovel.

Heavy-Duty Mats

When you think of the danger presented by snow and ice, it’s easy to leap straight to thinking of the outdoors. But, the truth is there are hazards in the home too. When you track in snow and ice on your boots, it melts on the floor leaving a puddle of water. This presents a considerable slip risk.

To get around this issue, there’s a simple answer; heavy-duty mats. Put a mat down by every entrance to your house to make sure that ice and snow aren’t tracked through the house. It’ll be safer, and cleaner too!

Winter Workwear

If you’re working or walking outside in the snow and ice, make sure that you have invested in some specially designed winter workwear. Specifically, winter boots, which will help provide grip and water-resistance.

It’s not just boots that are useful. All manner of hats, body-warmers, jackets, fleeces, insulated trousers, and even thermal underwear will help. You’d be amazed how much heat you lose through your body in icy or snowy conditions. Proper winter workwear will help keep you secure and warm.

Invest Early

You shouldn’t wait until winter is upon you before investing in any of these products. Buy them well in advance and store them to make sure you’re never caught out. Icy mornings, slippery paths, and snow weather can arrive long before you have the opportunity to prepare for them.

Invest in quality products and they won’t just last one winter, they’ll last for several.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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