Rebecca Jones 


What Are The Pros and Cons of Using Digital Menus in Your Business?

In an effort to support the environment and speed up various processes, businesses nowadays make an effort to join the paperless train. Some are successful at reducing their paper consumption while others fail, but as new technologies emerge, we may finally get to live in a world where papers are obsolete. Pushed by the pandemic, businesses started using electronic … [Read more...]

4 Brands That Took Eco-Friendliness to the Next Level and What Today’s Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Them

Water, gas, oil, and other indispensable natural resources looked limitless until a few decades ago. People are just now realizing how false those hopes were and are coming to terms with the fact that climate change is an important subject worth being concerned about. Every major newspaper, magazine or publication out there has had a front-page story on global warming and the … [Read more...]

How Are CBD Oil Tinctures Made?

Many people have discovered the benefits of cannabidiol. Despite its modern popularity, this compound has been working for a long time to decrease anxiety and act as a calming agent. Some people even estimate that ancient civilizations had already discovered the therapeutic benefits of cannabis long before scientists found out it had health benefits to offer. You can learn more … [Read more...]

Why Uniform Sets Your Small Business Apart

Not invested in staff uniforms? Skimping on style means you are missing out on a branding opportunity, among other things. Starting your own small business is daunting. Whether you are opening a restaurant or creating a team of web architects, there are a thousand things to think about, every day. From answering emails to hiring and firing your own employees, it’s a never … [Read more...]

9 Interesting Tips for Impressing Other People

Many things can help you change your life for the better. One of them that is very exciting is meeting interesting people and making new friends. It is an excellent way to broaden your horizons, work on your soft skills, and spend your free time. However, it can be pretty tricky if you have nothing interesting to talk about that you could use to impress other people. … [Read more...]

How Can Your Organization Get the Most Out of Digital Signage?

Should your organization be using digital signage? Digital billboards today have never been easier to deploy in a wide range of industries. From pop up digital billboard rentals to permanent fixtures, digital signage can attract attention, monetize spaces, and create a memorable experience at brand activations. Digital signage gives you a competitive edge when it comes to … [Read more...]

How Can Trade Shows Boost Business Profitability

Business profit depends on the sales of a company. The capacity of a company to sell its products will equate to the profit gained. If a company can sell its products at a higher rate, the profit will shoot up and increase. However, the ability to sell products fast is something that needs to be learned. You can’t just start a business without the right knowledge about … [Read more...]

Best Practices to Become a Social Media Influencer

Data from the last five years shows a massive uptick in media marketing, and it only continues in that trend.  It has become one of the favorite marketing strategies for marketers. Social media creates the best platform for offering products based upon people's interests, and the number of people engaged with such influencers is just increasing day by day. This is because a … [Read more...]

5 Problems in Your Sales Process that Are Costing You Money

Optimizing your sales process is sensible, especially if there are any imperfections. If this is the case, your entire organization will be missing out on much needed income. Of course knowing what problems to look out for is half the battle, so here are a handful of the main mistakes companies make so that you can fix them sooner rather than later. Salespeople Struggle to … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Running an Online Event

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many business operators and not-for-profits have had to turn to digital events rather than in-person ones. While this is disappointing for the organizers and for attendees who enjoy on-site offerings, online events do open up attendance for a broader range of participants from anywhere in the world. If you’re looking at running an event … [Read more...]