Rebecca Jones 


How to Make Your Business More Sustainable

The world is becoming more and more environmentally conscious with every passing year. As a result, lots of businesses are looking for ways they can protect the planet in their day-to-day practices. This not only helps them to satisfy their moral obligations but makes them more appealing to consumers who are unwilling to support unethical practices with their shopping … [Read more...]

Here Are Some Effective Tips to Save Business Energy

Every company faces difficulties in keeping up with its functions. Similarly, increasing your energy efficiency could help you save a lot of money particularly for small firms, which spend a surprising portion of money on energy every year. Small businesses have a lot of possibilities for energy savings. Small companies could save money on energy by taking advantage of cheap … [Read more...]

Artificial Intelligence and Business: What Will the Future Look Like!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly making its way out of research laboratories and into the world of business. Industry leaders across hundreds of niches are harnessing its potential — from call centers deploying chatbots to enhance customer interactions, to banks analyzing innumerable data points within seconds to detect fraudulent activities. While leading companies … [Read more...]

What to Do with Extra Room in Your Budget at Year-End

Do you have a surplus of funds in Q4? If the end of the year arrives by exposing extra money leftover in your budget, consider it a sign to double-down on investor relations (IR). Your IR strategy plays a critical role in both retention and lead generation, whether you’re preparing for an IPO or already listed on the Street. It shines a spotlight on your brand, delivers a … [Read more...]

How to Promote Your e-boutique Online

To many businesses, increasing the activity of their online boutique in the last two years has become their most important task when it comes to their sales department. But when you are used to marketing a store, promoting an e-boutique may not come so easily, as you need to look for online tools to get the results you are looking for. Here are a couple of ideas that can help … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Millenials Are Quitting Jobs in the Great Resignation

In 2021, millions of Americans quit their jobs, leaving employers scrambling for ways to fill job openings. The media referred to the occurrence as the Great Resignation, and its full effect may not be known for years to come. But most people seem to agree that such a large number of people resigning from their jobs will have effects on the way business is done now and in the … [Read more...]

6 Key Reasons Why Companies Hire Virtual Assistants

Have you ever noticed that there are some business owners who seem to be on the ball, have everything organized, and get everything done in a day, yet you’re working until midnight and getting up at five just to struggle to handle your responsibilities? What is their secret? While it’s true that some people are naturally more organized and productive, even they need help … [Read more...]

4 Qualities That Make Kansas City a Great Place to Start a Business

When it comes to starting a business, location is often a key consideration. Starting a snow removal service in Buffalo is probably a no-brainer, and if you want to be the next big thing in entertainment you might consider starting a production company in Atlanta. But some cities are great places to start a business because they’re great places to do business–and live. Kansas … [Read more...]

How to Build a Visual Content Strategy for Your Business

Humans are visual beings in nature. Moreover, most people tend to absorb and react to visual information faster and more effectively than words. That said, visuals are essential to creating content that can help your business stand out and draw in an audience. Visuals can help make text-centric content more digestible, readable, and memorable, and it also allows you to craft … [Read more...]