Rebecca Jones 


10 Tips to Help Manage Your Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce is one of those industries that is constantly becoming more and more challenging as it grows. You have to be on top of your game and evolve with the changes in order to stay ahead and make money. Online shopping is now the norm for many people, so it is important that your e-commerce business is running smoothly and efficiently. An E-commerce company is only as … [Read more...]

How to Manage without Micromanaging

There's a fine line between managing and micromanaging. On one side is a manager who provides clear direction and allows employees to work autonomously. On the other side is a micromanager who dictates every little detail and insists on being involved in everything. Neither approach is ideal as micromanagement can stifle creativity and productivity, while neglecting to manage … [Read more...]

Company Culture: What Is It and How Can You Nurture It?

There is something of a revolution happening in employment at the moment, as UK workers resign from their positions in unanticipated numbers. A combination of factors has been pinpointed in the now-dubbed “Great Resignation,” but one rises above all others as a significant driver: company culture. The following suggestions require a level of investment on the behalf of the … [Read more...]

Tips for Marketing a New Brand

You might have the best product in the world, but it’s going to be useless unless the right customers know about it. Although marketing has become easier than it was fifty years ago, it has also become super-competitive. So in this article, we’ll share six useful tips that can help you reach your customers through all the noise. Let’s begin. Create a Website This goes … [Read more...]

Branding the Right Way: Why Image Matters in Business

Image is everything and nowhere is this more real than in the business world. Customers tend to associate how you look with your levels of success and what they expect from you. If you dress like an ordinary person or furnish your office with a regular kind of furniture, then you may not get serious clients. This is why many offices go all out when securing office spaces and … [Read more...]

How Much Does Google Care about Word Count?

When creating a blog post or updating a website, you may ask yourself how many words should you have on a page to drive long-term SEO results. John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, made it clear that word count no longer matters in Google rankings. Why? Because it’s not indicative of quality. Put simply, having the same word count as a top-ranking article doesn’t … [Read more...]

How to Start a Used Car Dealership

If you’ve been paying attention to the rising price of used cars over the last few months, then you might have been tempted into cashing in on the trend. Starting a used car business can be hugely rewarding – but doing it right requires a little bit of groundwork. Let’s take a look at some of the steps you might take. Do your Market Research In order to determine whether your … [Read more...]

7 Signs Your E-commerce Store Is Ready to Expand

At first glance, seeing a period of growth within your online business can be daunting. When you're in a regular routine, the thought of expanding and changing your processes is a lot to take into consideration. However, it's crucial to think about the benefits of moving forward. Pushing your business to the next level shows that you are ready to take on more customers, thus … [Read more...]

Choosing a Gateway for Accepting Payments in the Online Store

E-commerce continues to grow rapidly in the retail sector. Since the base of potential buyers is ready to pay, our task is to provide all possible payment methods in the online store. So, as a seller, you must be sure that you have provided the consumer with all possible payment methods. A payment gateway is a service that processes electronic transactions. It is an online … [Read more...]

Non-Linear Storytelling with Enterprise-Grade Digital Storytelling Software

What’s a ‘Non-Linear’ Digital Story, and How Are They Made? Digital storytelling is the best way available today to communicate complex stories and add emotional impact. Digital stories are incredibly powerful tools for motivating people to action, enhancing educational programs, and creating lasting change. They’re also great for selling, because you can communicate a message … [Read more...]