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5 Software to Improve Communication in Virtual Teams

5 Software to Improve Communication in Virtual Teams

As more jobs become remote and computer-based, the need for better technology to connect those employees with their team leaders and each other grows. Private and group communication is a critical aspect of just about any business. Instant connectivity and communication can be the difference between a satisfied or unsatisfied customer, a happy or unhappy client, and can even lead to missed business opportunities. Understanding how crucial it is that virtual teams with no in-person interaction can easily stay in contact is essential to making the modern office structure a productive one. Here are five software systems that can help.

Instant Messaging Platforms

Numerous corporate and business studies have found that somewhere between 25% and 35% of employees rarely (and some never) read their office emails. That means that we need another way to improve our in-team and team member/leader communication. Online or in-system instant messaging platforms are really an invaluable resource. It alerts team members in real-time to any requests, questions, or updates and prompts them to engage with their coworkers.

Shared Inbox Software

These systems vary depending on which provider you end up choosing but are essentially an all-integrated and interconnected communications system. Shared inbox software for teams keeps everyone in the loop about different aspects of the business. Whether you are involved in sales, shipping and delivery, media management, news or journalism, or any financial market industry, being able to instantly communicate to 1 or 100 people quickly and effectively can be the difference in a year’s profits.

This is especially useful to organizations that like to pair off and work in groups of two or more. It allows them to stay connected at all times to collaborate on whatever project they are handling.

Social Intranet Software

This tech is similar to shared inbox software but on a much smaller scale. It doesn’t integrate entire systems and isn’t as expansive. It does, however, offer group mail and chat rooms. Instant messaging both for one person and for multiple employees and the ability to video chat or hold virtual meetings are other valuable communication tools it provides.

Open Project and Discussion Forum Software

Open project and discussion forum software create a network just for your company that displays updates, news, and info on current projects or upcoming events. It also offers a place to discuss said information, either privately or as a group. And any issues or instructions that need to be immediately received and immediately accessed can be sent along with this internal system.

Issue/Case Tracking and Ticketing

This is especially helpful to shipping companies, as well as IT companies and troubleshooters. This is a system that creates tickets for every type of situation and status that could apply within your particular industry. It might use a numbered or lettered system, or it may use a color code for determining the different status of the various tickets.

Regardless of the specifics, different employees can access these cases and know exactly where they are in the process. This makes for more efficiency as one team member can pick up where the last one left off and it is a smooth transition.

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by Stephen Anderson // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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