Daniel Martin 

How to Create Great Presentations for Tech and Marketing Audiences

Business owners in different industries need to introduce their businesses to potential clients and other stakeholders. Presentations are majorly an old-school marketing technique for businesses. But even then, it is still a skill that modern marketers need to learn even with the advent of digital marketing. It can be challenging to tailor presentations for tech and … [Read more...]

How to Connect With a Digital Marketer

Have you ever watched the movie Catch Me If You Can? It is a brilliant movie that features big stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. The film showcases the true-life story of Frank Abagnale. Before the age of 19, he made millions of dollars by posing as a doctor, pilot, and Parish prosecutor. What point are we trying to make here? Well, every industry has its fair … [Read more...]

Boosting Site Traffic with Guest Posting

In this information age, the internet has become a priceless utility for individuals and businesses to mingle and show off their wares. Now, with the pandemic, the internet is more essential than ever, as 53% of Americans see the Internet as a necessity during the crisis based on a survey conducted by Pew Research Center. Due to this fact, digital marketing has taken center … [Read more...]