Lilly Miller 

5 Ways IoT Can Improve Operational Efficiency

In any kind of business, increasing efficiency is the key component that fosters a company’s growth. Technology is consistently becoming more sophisticated, which is why its incorporation is on the rise in the business world. While different aspects of tech have a variety of perks, it’s the Internet of Things (IoT) that has generated a lot of buzz in recent years. IoT devices … [Read more...]

How to Harness the Power of Small Business Data Analytics

According to statistics, there are 4.88 billion online users. They share social media content, purchase online, and interact with brands. Our every activity in the virtual world results in the creation of new data. Digital data never sleeps. Research studies found that every online user creates at least 1.7 MB of data every second. Big data is the treasure trove of customer … [Read more...]

Company Car Accidents: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know

If you are an active driver, you probably know that not all car accidents are created equal from the standpoint of traffic laws – but legal ramifications go far beyond the standard with a company car. Car accidents occur all too often and due to various reasons, but one thing is certain: they can happen to anyone at any given moment, and this includes on-the-job collisions. … [Read more...]

5 Smart Contact Management Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses all around the world nowadays operate in the digital space, using many apps and software solutions to get the job done. One of such solutions is to digitize your contact management to take your sales, marketing, and other processes forward. Long gone are the days of manual contact management, like when we used to write names and phone numbers down on … [Read more...]

Things to Consider before Buying Equipment for Small Business

Starting a small business is always exciting, but it also comes with certain expenses, even if you run your company on your own. Making investments from day one, be it in the form of office space, equipment, or your niche-related gadgets, means that your business plan should reflect your financial requirements, too. Buying the right equipment means securing your business growth … [Read more...]

5 Ways Investing in Employee Certification Benefits Your Entire Company

As a business leader, you’re required to wear many hats in your organization and assume various roles. From the obvious leadership role to employee oversight and monitoring, all the way to project management, workflow optimization, and even innovation – a leader has to do many things to ensure a successful business year. That said, no human is an island, and you can’t expect to … [Read more...]

How Business Travel Will Change After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many countries are still reeling from the peak of the ongoing pandemic, while others have the situation fairly under control. New Zealand’s fierce reaction from the start has enabled the country to keep their numbers under strict control, whereas the US has a long way to go to reach anything resembling an equilibrium. With the lockdown still in play and many other restrictions … [Read more...]

Comprehensive Guide to Organizing a Successful Business Event

Professional events are an excellent opportunity to drive visibility and sales, generate more leads, and retain top customers and talent. So, whatever your goals may be, live events are one of the most effective channels to accomplish them and support your road to success. Conferences, trade shows, and other events can help you develop genuine, lasting connections since they … [Read more...]

Are Serviced Apartments the Latest Accommodation Trend for Businesspeople?

While hotels and motels have long been the go-to option for businesspeople, a new type of accommodation seems to be taking over the business world – furnished and serviced apartments for rent. These apartments are now in high demand as more and more business travelers are ditching hotels in favor of these cozy alternatives. Here are several reasons as to why this is … [Read more...]