Lilly Miller 

5 Ways Investing in Employee Certification Benefits Your Entire Company

As a business leader, you’re required to wear many hats in your organization and assume various roles. From the obvious leadership role to employee oversight and monitoring, all the way to project management, workflow optimization, and even innovation – a leader has to do many things to ensure a successful business year. That said, no human is an island, and you can’t expect to … [Read more...]

7 Easy Tips for Maintaining Business Equipment

Even simple business equipment is expensive. Most startups and small businesses have to take out a large bank loan to be able to afford more complex hardware, and in most cases, the state of this equipment will directly influence how well you can conduct your business. Given all these facts, it comes as a great surprise to learn that so many businesses simply aren’t taking … [Read more...]

How Business Travel Will Change After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many countries are still reeling from the peak of the ongoing pandemic, while others have the situation fairly under control. New Zealand’s fierce reaction from the start has enabled the country to keep their numbers under strict control, whereas the US has a long way to go to reach anything resembling an equilibrium. With the lockdown still in play and many other restrictions … [Read more...]

Comprehensive Guide to Organizing a Successful Business Event

Professional events are an excellent opportunity to drive visibility and sales, generate more leads, and retain top customers and talent. So, whatever your goals may be, live events are one of the most effective channels to accomplish them and support your road to success. Conferences, trade shows, and other events can help you develop genuine, lasting connections since they … [Read more...]

Are Serviced Apartments the Latest Accommodation Trend for Businesspeople?

While hotels and motels have long been the go-to option for businesspeople, a new type of accommodation seems to be taking over the business world – furnished and serviced apartments for rent. These apartments are now in high demand as more and more business travelers are ditching hotels in favor of these cozy alternatives. Here are several reasons as to why this is … [Read more...]

Essential Safety Considerations for Employees Who Drive for Work

One of the greatest risks many employees are exposed to, often on a daily basis, is related to motor vehicle incidents. These incidents are consistently the leading cause of work-related fatalities in many countries, such as the US, which means that all those who operate a motor vehicle as part of their job are at risk of being involved in a roadway crash. That’s why employers … [Read more...]

Conference Room Design: 5 Tips for Impressing Your Clients

Handshakes might be the main way of making first impressions, but certainly aren’t the only proof of the fact that first impressions matter. For the very same reason, people advise new business owners that they need to dress the part if they want to instill trust into their investors, customers, as well as employees. To put it simply, aesthetics matter, but form and function … [Read more...]