Lottie Pritchard 

Top Ways to Care for the Health and Wellbeing of Your Employees

As an employer, your primary focus may be on increasing profits, expanding your brand, and improving product or service quality. And while all these focus areas are essential, you should also prioritize your employees' health and well-being as they are the staples holding your business together. You can look forward to various notable benefits when caring for your team's … [Read more...]

Dispersing Top Talent: 8 Insider Tips for Hiccup-Free Employee Transfers

The employee relocation industry is massive, valued at $25 billion, with the average company spending approximately $16 billion each year to relocate staff. However, as employers make transfers, hiccups are bound to take place. Typical relocation qualms involve: Increased cost of living Employee unsatisfied in the relocation area Adapting to new tax laws and … [Read more...]

The Business Side of Food Manufacturing and Service

Maybe you have loved food all your life. You love cooking it, eating it, and experimenting with it. If so, you probably knew from early on that your professional life would involve food in some way. What some people don’t realize is how vast the food industry is. You can be a critic, or you might be a chef, sous chef, or a server. Maybe you want to go in a different … [Read more...]

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Register a WFOE as a UAE Entrepreneur

As a UAE entrepreneur, one of the burning questions in your mind might be, "How do I grow my business into a respected multinational?" The answer is that your business needs a number of things, including good financial management and the right strategies. Besides, you need to register your business offshore, and China is a great option. Here are some common benefits of opening … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Preventing Sexual Harassment in Your Workplace

Sexual harassment is real and does happen more than you would like to think. Despite the many years of scandals related to assault and harassment, such a thing is still common, especially within the workplace. Therefore, professional sexual harassment lawyers always look at the company first and then at the employees. Why? A company is mostly responsible for its harassment … [Read more...]

5 Great Side Hustle Businesses for 2021

2021 is here, and with it is great optimism. The Biden Administration recently purchased 200 million more COVID-19 vaccine doses. By the summer, the current U.S. administration hopes most Americans will have taken the vaccine. Those who haven’t should become protected via herd immunity by late summer or early fall. The vaccine announcement is fantastic news for those hoping … [Read more...]

Why Text Messaging Has Become Powerful for Business Marketing

Text messaging has previously been meant for communication and nothing else, but recently, entrepreneurs have started utilizing this technology for their businesses, and so far, the results are surprisingly satisfactory. Businesses are getting more leads and sales revenue is at an all-time high. Perhaps these testimonies are the main reason why you became interested in text … [Read more...]

How to Beat Your Competition in the Crowded Online Space

In recent years, the online space has been a pretty crowded place for businesses, with each one vying to reach the coveted first three organic listings for their main keywords. But these days the space has become even tighter, with more businesses moving online as they closed shop in their brick-and-mortar stores, and their customer base moved to shopping online due to the … [Read more...]

5 Biggest Insurance Trends For 2021

The unfortunate and sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic caused a significant negative impact on almost every industry. Even the most dynamic economies of the world faced recession, loss of finances, as well as human lives. People exhausted all their lifelong savings and cushion funds. They lost their premium paying capacities. Hence, the insurance industry saw a … [Read more...]

Top Materials in 2021 for Flooring, Countertops, and Door Handles

Even though the year is still young, a change in trends has already been identified. More people still need houses to live in, and that means that more houses will be constructed. If not, people who have had homes will be refurbishing their houses to increase the house value or return life to the places. Everything in the world seems to be evolving, from technology to the … [Read more...]