Michelle Deery 

8 Sure-Fire Ways to Get More Customers Through Your Doors

Getting customers through the door is tricky business. In fact, only 15% of B2C products sales are closed directly through the Internet, so new acquiring new customers is as important as ever. Thankfully, there are some simple tactics to attract more footfall. Here are eight tips for getting customers to come to you: Don’t Be Afraid of Offline Tactics While the digital … [Read more...]

Tips for Brick-and-Mortar Business Success in the Digital Era

Brick-and-mortar businesses face a fundamental change to the way they must operate. Why? Because the world has gone digital, and businesses today are being driven by the likes of Amazon and ever-evolving customer shopping behaviors. This has put a massive strain on brick-and-mortar businesses who need to adapt to survive. Here are several tips that brick-and-mortar … [Read more...]

Tools You Should Use to Increase Conversions on Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems on the planet. It powers an estimated 25% of all websites, but it’s so much better when it’s used in conjunction with the right tools. The problem you might have as a small business owner is that, while your website looks pretty good, it just isn’t converting. The images are good, your headlines and calls to … [Read more...]