Artificial Intelligence

Impact of Technology on the Stock Market

A significant number of brokers offer their services on the financial market as many people are trying to make money from currency fluctuations and other stock market assets. Unfortunately, some investors lose their money in unequal "battles" with professional players because they don’t use advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to their … [Read more...]

How Transcription Reached the Next Level with Technology

Automated transcription services can make converting any kind of speech easier than ever before. If you want to find out how it works or how tech has changed the transcription scene then take a look below. Transcription Is Now High in Demand Transcription is now in high demand.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a journalist, video editor, or even a lawyer, the need to … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Start Utilizing AI

With big businesses like Apple are already paving the way for using AI in their products and services, many other companies have yet to hop on this tech trend. From cutting costs and improving decision-making, to optimizing customer interactions and handling data mining, Artificial Intelligence can improve many aspects of your business. Now is the time to begin implementing … [Read more...]

How Tech is Updating the Medical Industry

The medical industry is not what it was a decade ago as technology has been transforming healthcare to meet twenty-first century challenges. Breakthroughs in machine learning and data collection have made a huge impact on the medial world, so here are twelve technology trends that are changing healthcare in 2020. Artificial Intelligence As the population grows - and ages - … [Read more...]

How AI Can Improve Business Efficiency

Artificial science is a phenomenon today that is expanding the possibilities of uses of artificial intelligence in business. Not only is AI is revolutionizing the world of science, but it is also showing us uses in business that we could only dream about. Although AI is one of the dominating technologies in recent times, not everyone understands the scope of its importance … [Read more...]

7 Technology Trends Businesses Should Pay Attention To

Technology for business is always changing. Companies that can stay out ahead of the curve will tend to be more profitable than those who do not. It helps to be well-informed and nimble in order to incorporate the latest technology into your daily business operations. With that in mind, here are some technology trends to be aware of and to consider adding to your business in … [Read more...]

Does Customer Service Still Need a Human Touch?

Technology is constantly altering how we do business. Big data and AI have made it possible to collect and parse through massive amounts of information quickly, allowing businesses to streamline their operations. Businesses like Amazon and Netflix live and die by new technology, as the only reason they are able to be a success is by embracing change. One facet of business … [Read more...]

Focus Pocus: How AI and Automation Can Improve Employee Focus

Regardless of whether an office handles development, managerial tasks, or houses the team on your customer service frontline, employee focus is essential. It makes for a good office atmosphere, it can boost productivity and efficiency, and it’s a signifier to high employee satisfaction. Yet it was reported last year that a staggering  85% of employees aren’t engaged – or are … [Read more...]