Building Trust

The Hidden Power of Connections

When we think of building a connection in a new community, we often think narrowly about it, viewing it as a way of making friends and integrating into a new house of worship, place of work, or neighborhood. Similarly, when we think of building a connection in business, we often think narrowly about it, viewing it as a way of building contacts for mutual business … [Read more...]

How to Boost Brand Trust with UX Design

Every business in operation these days is a part of the digital business community in some way. Even if you don’t offer services from the digital niche, the sole fact that you have social media accounts and/or a website means that you are a “digital business”. As a digital business, communicating your business goals, ideas, and services requires a myriad of branding activities … [Read more...]

Crafting Veterans’ Edge for Today’s Civilian Market

Veterans facing the “what’s next?” question when transitioning to civilian life can find it daunting. Even with incentives that encourage businesses and organizations to hire veterans, those leaving the services run into a number of challenges. For example, veterans often voice that they’re treated as an entire group rather than as individuals. Some may be career military … [Read more...]

New Survey Reveals Importance of Company Culture for Business Strength

The Alternative Board (TAB), an international provider of executive peer advisory boards with over 3,000 members worldwide, recently released the results of their September 2016 Small Business Pulse Survey. If you’ve not yet heard of it, this is a survey that obtained input from hundreds of business owners to determine the qualities that separate a strong company culture from … [Read more...]

Building Trust With Transparency

I often wonder if a business would be more efficient if it were run by children. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. Little kids may not be well-versed in complicated business things like accounting practices, inventory control, and supply chains (although I’m not sure these things even have to be complicated, but that’s for a different article!), but the thing that kids … [Read more...]