Business Ethics

Why a Third-Party Ethics Hotline Encourages More Reporting

As a business owner, you want to build an organization where all your workers feel comfortable and safe. That’s why you invest in compliance training and team-building seminars, and why you take time to check in with employees when you pass them in the office. But despite your best efforts, a lot can happen in the workplace when you’re not looking, and those incidents can … [Read more...]

Understanding Healthcare Sanctions

When working in the healthcare field, confidentiality and ethical behavior is a must. A healthcare sanctions check enables you to determine if there is any reason a candidate should not be considered for a position due to previous bad behaviors or unethical acts. Healthcare sanctions are used to let employers know that there have been instances in the past where a candidate may … [Read more...]

The Surprising Benefit of Ethical Standards: Increase Your Sales

Can you develop ethical standards and still grow your sales and profits? Yes! When you strengthen your customer relationships, that is exactly what will happen. But there are strongly seeded challenges that you need to overcome first. Sales and marketing professionals routinely struggle to overcome customers’ distrust—largely because traditional sales and marketing tactics … [Read more...]

How to Ensure Ethics Along Your Business’s Supply Chain

Ethics say more about your business than you might imagine. It’s not just a way to catch customers’ attention (though it does) and it’s not even just a way to show your moral standing as a business person (thought it does that, too). Solid business ethics can protect you from being held culpable for damage done on your behalf; they help establish positive practices across the … [Read more...]

Ethics in Business: 5 Questions With Melissa Armentrout, Owner of Skycrest, Inc.

Melissa Armentrout, Owner of Skycrest Incorporated, answers Businessing Magazine's 5 Questions. She discusses the importance of staying true to your personal convictions when it comes to business. What are the primary service(s) or product(s) that your business provides? Skycrest is an Executive Search Consulting firm focused on the Life Science industry globally. Who’s your … [Read more...]

Bait and Switch Marketing Woes

As a consumer, nothing makes me more frustrated than “bait and switch” tactics from businesses. The most recent example of my ire was last year; I was watching television and saw an Outback Steakhouse commercial advertising steak and lobster for only $19.99. The food looked awesome; I really like lobster and I really, really love steak, plus, I was a recent recipient of an … [Read more...]

BM Windows in San Diego: Ethical Sales and Marketing Plus Consumer Education Give a Small Business an Authentic Advantage

Family-owned B.M. Windows rises above competition with a sales, marketing and service approach customers trust. Michal Bohm, owner of B.M. Windows in San Diego, talks to us about social media challenges, marketing opportunities and the connection between ethics and longevity for small businesses. Michal notes that the company gains most of its customers through referrals … [Read more...]