Business Growth

Tips on How to Grow Your Hair Transplant Business

After the worldwide popularity of hair transplants, several eager entrepreneurs jumped in to take advantage of this emerging business idea. Also, as researchers share, a large proportion of the population is challenged by hair loss. This confirms that you won’t be facing a customer shortage anytime soon. On top of this all, only FUE and FUT Hair Transplant methods are … [Read more...]

USANA Reports on Strong 3rd Quarter

Although USANA Health Sciences (NYSE: USNA) posted fairly weak numbers for 2nd quarter, along with much of the rest of the world, the global manufacturer of nutritional and personal care products turned its numbers around in significant ways for Q3. During the live webcast presentation for the 3rd quarter earnings report, CEO and Board Chairman Kevin Guest shared the news … [Read more...]

What a Company Needs Before It Goes Public in the Stock Market

Companies have similar growth trajectories as compared to that of human development. The company expects to experience growth, and at some point, get an initial public offering (IPO), which is something comparable to getting a driving license for humans. With the IPO, the company expects a higher standard of accountability in all the sectors: financial disclosure, discipline, … [Read more...]

White Label Marketing

In today's economy, more than ever, companies are looking for ways to increase their productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. One method used to reduce costs, increase earnings, and increase productivity, which is gaining in popularity, is using white label services or products. What is White Label? White labels are services or products produced by one label or a … [Read more...]

Tips for Sustaining Your Growth Post Lockdown

There are many businesses that may struggle to survive once the worst of the Coronavirus has passed, but there are a few fortunate ones that have found growth during this period. If you’re one of these lucky few, sustaining that growth following the lockdown measures may be important to beating out the competition that will likely popup afterwards. So, what are the best ways to … [Read more...]

Global Forecast for the Online Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry is enjoying solid growth globally at the moment, even despite the challenges being presented to land-based casinos in 2020. Here is a look at the state of play today and how it is likely to evolve in the near future as a result of regulators in many regions becoming more amenable to legitimizing online gambling. International Expansion First and … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your eCommerce Business

Not all entrepreneurs start their business with the goal of selling it, but many of them eventually decide to do so for a number of reasons. The problem is, many successful business owners know their sales and traffic numbers, as well as their growth rate, but a vast majority of them have no clear idea of what potential buyers are looking for when buying an eCommerce … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Your Business Could Benefit from Outsourcing Your IT Support

Of course, having good IT support and infrastructure is crucial to any business, especially if you want to grow and have an effective working environment; however, these days more companies are deciding to outsource their IT departments to save money while also achieving growing company success. There are many different reasons why small to medium sized businesses choose to … [Read more...]

The 6 Fastest-Growing Industries Business Owners and Investors Should Consider

With the changes that the 21st century has introduced, it’s important to recognize how cultural shifts are changing the ways investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs are approaching business. Everything from social attitudes to technology has an impact on this shift. For example, calls to prioritize sustainability have affected consumer behavior more than ever before. … [Read more...]