Crypto Signals

Crypto signals Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity nowadays because people like Elon Musk are talking about them with such passion and fire in their eyes. Telegram became very popular in every country as well because different groups of people can create their own channels and gain access to useful information about everything in this world. Here in our publication we will … [Read more...]

Why Big Companies Are Going into Crypto

When Elon Musk started tweeting about cryptocurrencies, not many predicted that big companies other than Tesla would suddenly start taking more interest in the world of crypto. Nevertheless, it happened, and it became a hot topic to discuss. You might also want to know the answers to a few questions. What do these companies have to gain? Is there any way I can profit as … [Read more...]

7 Online Payment Options for Your Business

People now live in a wired world where payments are just one click away. When you give customers as many payment choices as possible, you give them more opportunities to make their payments most conveniently. For business owners, this is good news because it makes getting paid a lot easier. It also secures consistent cash flow when payments are made in real-time. That said, … [Read more...]

How Does Escrow Work?

Escrow transactions are known to be one of the most reliable ways to ensure security and timeliness in all transactions. is one platform that specializes in encrypted cryptocurrency escrow services. These services are available for buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency and for clients and merchants that are transacting with goods and services. When it comes … [Read more...]

Could the Threat of Regulation Halt Bitcoin’s Bull Run?

Bitcoin (BTC) has enjoyed a stellar twelve months, with its price increasing from $6,690.00 on March 25th, 2020 to an impressive $52,267 on March 24th of this year. While this represents an incredible level of annual growth, we should note that BTC crashed through the $60,000 barrier on March 14th, before slumping by nearly 14% over the course of the subsequent eleven … [Read more...]

Top 5 Trends that Will Likely Shape the iGaming Industry in 2021

With everything that’s happened around the world in 2020, certain trends will likely shape our lives as we know it. From industries adapting to telecommuting and social distancing being the new norm, a lot has changed since COVID-19 struck. As far as online casinos are concerned, certain trends will impact the industry in 2021 more than they did previously. Here are the five … [Read more...]

How Small Business Owners Can Use Crypto for Payments

Cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly popular among small business owners as bitcoin can connect smaller corporations with the global industry and reduce payment fees. Larger companies are starting to invest in the Bitcoin sector and even go as far as to call it the “future of finance.” Using Bitcoin also signals to customers that you are an innovative and … [Read more...]

5 Trends Driving the Future of Payments

Perhaps the forces that have altered the course of 2020 have only expedited the natural progression of payment solutions, but we’ll never be entirely certain. What is certain is the fact that even in the years prior to 2020, more companies have emerged with smarter and exceedingly flexible payment options to help businesses become more appealing, but also to help customers pay … [Read more...]

5 Ways to (Safely) Invest in Cryptocurrencies in 2021

Cryptocurrency investing has taken the world by storm after proving its seemingly unlimited profit potential. Unfortunately, investing in cryptocurrency is a newer concept with less regulation, meaning anything can happen. While this has turned many risk-averse traders away, there are now more safe investment opportunities than ever before. Invest in Gold-Backed … [Read more...]

Where to Buy Precious Metal-backed Cryptocurrency

While decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, many remain on the fence about trading the virtual tokens due to their high volatility and associated risk of loss. For this reason, some prefer their virtual currency to be backed by a concrete asset like gold or dollars. This type of cryptocurrency is commonly known as … [Read more...]