Data Analysis

What Are the Different Methods of Data Collection?

Data collection is the act of assembling, evaluating, and managing information with the aim of analyzing results and finding solutions. The term is mostly used as a research module in both sciences and arts. For business owners, gathering data helps entrepreneurs store and evaluate valuable information about new and existing customers. Its importance includes empowering … [Read more...]

Most Used Agile Execution Metrics

In recent years, agile methodology has become the best management methodology on the market. Many companies have seen tremendous success after switching to the agile methodology. Agile helps them shorten delivery times, optimize costs, and deliver faster and better results to their customers. However, to take advantage of the full benefits of the agile methodology, companies … [Read more...]

Tips for Utilizing Data Analytics to Boost Your Biz in 2022

In this day and age, one of the most powerful business tools we can all use, no matter the type of organization we run, is data. No longer is detailed information only available to the large corporations that can pay a lot of money for it. Now, even the smallest of ventures can access free and low-cost data to help plan, forecast, make decisions, create products or services, … [Read more...]

Another Tool for Soloproneurs: Data Visualizations

I’d never really thought about my learning style until I had to write about it for a client. As it turns out, I am a visual learner; I learn best by seeing. This makes total sense because if I want to fix something around the house, I just find a video and do what it shows me to do. But I had never really thought about how I could take my visual learning preference and use … [Read more...]

How to Harness the Power of Small Business Data Analytics

According to statistics, there are 4.88 billion online users. They share social media content, purchase online, and interact with brands. Our every activity in the virtual world results in the creation of new data. Digital data never sleeps. Research studies found that every online user creates at least 1.7 MB of data every second. Big data is the treasure trove of customer … [Read more...]

Is Your Team Data Proficient? Take This Assessment and Find Out

The most successful companies in the world are data-driven. They use data to make better decisions, innovate faster, and beat the competition. As the world also becomes increasingly dominated by technology, this creates a perfect storm for companies and executive teams. Yet they’ll be able to deftly weather the storm if they become proficient at skillfully using data. Data … [Read more...]

Understanding Bankroll Management and the Math behind the Bookies

There are a few key things that you'll need to know in order to make a profit betting on sports, and as long as you can stay disciplined, you will have a chance profit on your investment. Make no mistake about it, betting on sports is an investment just like any other, so let's take a closer look at how to read the market. Understanding the Math Behind Sports Betting In order … [Read more...]

How to Optimize Your Small Business

For your business to be successful, it has to be effective. To achieve this effectiveness as a small business with a limited budget, the best course of action is to optimize your business so that you can eliminate unnecessary processes, streamline time-consuming tasks, and make data driven insights. Here are ways to optimize your small business. Use Cloud-Based … [Read more...]

Why Companies Are in Need of Data Lineage Solutions

Successful companies always analyze data in order to create strategies that will help them achieve their business goals. However, do you actually understand your data? And what is data lineage? Why do you need data lineage solutions? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this article. What Is Data Lineage? Data lineage is the lifecycle of data. Much like … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Using the Internet of Things in Small Business

Connectivity may come to be the defining feature of the 21st century. It’s not just people who can communicate with each other over the internet, devices can too. These online “smart” devices are part of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and look set to shape the future, not just of our private lives, but also of businesses large and small. The team at Components Bureau look at … [Read more...]