Is Binary Trading Illegal?

If you were to look up information on binary options, you would find that it actually isn’t legal—at least, for the most part. So long as you’re working with a regulated brokerage house that is crystal-clear with their terms, then you should have nothing to worry about. Today, we’ll look at the legalities surrounding binary options trading to help you avoid schemes that … [Read more...]

Why You Should Consider Growing Your Money with Forex

The forex market has become extremely popular, with people all over the world becoming forex traders every day. There are a lot of reasons why more and more people are jumping on board, and you should consider this investment strategy for yourself if you hope to grow your money. Still not sure if forex is the right investment option for you? Continue reading to learn about a … [Read more...]

Risks You Should Be Aware of before Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Even though cryptocurrencies have been around for over ten years, the number of people starting to get involved has only recently begun to rise. New technologies, especially controversial ones like cryptocurrencies, don’t usually get the support they deserve in the first stages as many people are skeptical about things they don’t fully understand.   However, you would be … [Read more...]

5 Mistakes You Could Be Making When Investing in Precious Metals

Even if you’ve invested in stocks or other types of assets in the past, investing in precious metals is a different ball game. Therefore, it would be wise of you not to rush your decisions but rather be careful with each step you make when acquiring precious metal investments. In doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy the huge benefits of that particular endeavor. In addition, … [Read more...]

Why Invest in Spain?

Spain is one of the most attractive EU countries to invest in for a number of reasons, especially if you plan to live in the country permanently or for several months of the year. There are many opportunities, not least of which is housing. In fact, it is possible to obtain a residence permit if you plan to invest a minimum of 500,000 euros in real estate in Spain. The … [Read more...]

U.K. Tech Investment Quadruples as Deals’ Growth Outpaces Europe

According to research from the British Business Bank, equity investments in smaller U.K. “deep tech” firms increased nearly threefold in the last five years, driven by transaction growth that exceeded gains in the United States and the rest of Europe. According to the research, deals grew by 78 percent in the United Kingdom, compared to 66 percent in the United States and 73 … [Read more...]

The 5G Revolution – The Best 5G Stocks to Invest

National 5G networks went live in 2020, but this enormous technological transition will take years to complete, affecting broad chunks of the global economy, from tiny tech and infrastructure firms producing 5G equipment and small-cell radios to mobile network operators offering 5G service. Consumers will need to update to smartphones and other gadgets that can connect to 5G … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Creating An Employee Stock Option Plan

Running a startup business includes planning the operations, equipment and supplies sourcing, financing, and legalities. When your startup needs employees, you may find that you don't have enough capital to hire a single person into your business. While there are financing options, business owners may also run into requirement issues. So, instead of compensation, entrepreneurs … [Read more...]

Turnkey Asset Management Programs: What Are They and Should You Use One in Your Business?

Asset management is quite involved, as it has legal ramifications and requires considerable administration. For businesses that wish to offer an asset management solution as a wealth manager or investment entity but do not want to  get lost in the details, a turnkey asset management program (TAMP) may be the right solution. In this article, we look at what it is, what types of … [Read more...]

What Effect Does Nonfarm Payroll Employment Have on the US Economy?

An important date in any economic calendar, and closely watched by financial investors, is the public release of the Nonfarm Payroll Report. This report is a record of the level of employment in the United States (US), so it includes vital data that can inform the analysis of the future economic growth, interest rates, and inflation in the US. In this article we will explain … [Read more...]