Precious Metal IRA: How to Invest with Gold

Should you put your retirement savings in gold? The yellow metal is quite volatile, but it has also seen some pretty steady growth in recent years. The precious metal has been known to fluctuate greatly in value, but it’s also considered to be a good, stable investment when compared to stocks and other investments. Gold is typically thought of as a safe haven for investors who … [Read more...]

Could the Threat of Regulation Halt Bitcoin’s Bull Run?

Bitcoin (BTC) has enjoyed a stellar twelve months, with its price increasing from $6,690.00 on March 25th, 2020 to an impressive $52,267 on March 24th of this year. While this represents an incredible level of annual growth, we should note that BTC crashed through the $60,000 barrier on March 14th, before slumping by nearly 14% over the course of the subsequent eleven … [Read more...]

Tips for Making Smart Business Investments

The first rule of entrepreneurship is to never mix business expenditures with personal expenditures. Sometimes entrepreneurs unknowingly or knowingly go too far in the opposite direction. They invest too much time running things in their enterprises, working to improve their businesses, and reallocating profits back into the business. This often makes them forget to pay … [Read more...]

Fundamentals of Trading: How to Read Stock Charts and Why It’s Necessary

Reading stock charts, which are visual displays of information about a particular stock company, is essential for anyone who wants to become an active trader in the stock market. Even though most stock charts might seem quite basic, many traders can find it challenging if they do not know the tips and tricks. It can include trading volumes, price variations, price history, … [Read more...]

Factors Worth Evaluating Before Investing in the Oil Industry

Fuel and similar sources of energy are fundamental in almost all facets of life. They power the production of commodities, transport, lighting, and all the appliances people rely on every day. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to think of investing in the oil industry given the high demand for its products. Like all industries, the oil sector has its ups and downs. Are you … [Read more...]

5 Ways to (Safely) Invest in Cryptocurrencies in 2021

Cryptocurrency investing has taken the world by storm after proving its seemingly unlimited profit potential. Unfortunately, investing in cryptocurrency is a newer concept with less regulation, meaning anything can happen. While this has turned many risk-averse traders away, there are now more safe investment opportunities than ever before. Invest in Gold-Backed … [Read more...]

4 Common Bond Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Stocks and bonds are two of the most popular investments nowadays aside from real estate. Financial experts and investors have their own opinions about which investment works best for certain types of investors. When it comes to stability, in addition to a diversified portfolio, a bond is considered a conservative and safe investment. This is because a bond refers to a type … [Read more...]

Where to Buy Precious Metal-backed Cryptocurrency

While decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, many remain on the fence about trading the virtual tokens due to their high volatility and associated risk of loss. For this reason, some prefer their virtual currency to be backed by a concrete asset like gold or dollars. This type of cryptocurrency is commonly known as … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to Testing New Trading Strategies in the Forex Market

On average, the international forex market recorded $5.1 trillion in the daily turnover in 2019. The numbers have been steady in the past couple of years. This means that traders are beginning to adapt and find their way around the forex market. Flexibility is among the most crucial aspects needed when trading in the forex market as traders have to adjust to the rapid shifts in … [Read more...]

Innovative Investment Opportunities for Modern Investors

Investing innovations are sweeping across the globe and making their presence known to the modern investor of the 21st century. These innovative investment opportunities are particularly unique for how they are able to adapt to evolving technology and human behavior. So, what is an innovative investment opportunity? And why, as a seasoned investor, should you care? … [Read more...]