Network Leadership: 4 Roles for Decentralized Organizing

We work in increasingly decentralized ways, partnering across organizations and joining with others to accomplish things individuals can’t do on their own. Moving beyond the traditional, hierarchical model of organizing has many blessings: in networks, people are free to contribute where they have energy, aren’t limited to a single role, and the potential for impact … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Spot Potential Leaders in The Workplace

In business organizations, leadership is just as important now as it was centuries ago. As you can imagine, if everyone were allowed to do whatever they felt like, no projects would get completed on time, or even at all. Leadership allows the smooth transition of information and ideas throughout an organization and makes execution of these ideas possible. How to Spot … [Read more...]

How to Strengthen Leadership within Your Business

Managing a business is not for the faint-hearted. You need to ensure every department operates effectively in order for you to achieve your goals. Leadership is a critical element that you need to streamline if you want your business to run smoothly. You can implement several tips in your leadership and build up better leaders to manage your business with ease. Here is what to … [Read more...]

Top Five Entrepreneurs in the South West of England

The South West of England is steeped in industrial history. From the region’s maritime heritage, to the aeronautical production that has cropped up in the area since the 20th century, scores of successful companies have set up in the South West. It is also one of the most entrepreneurial regions in the UK, with almost 50 per cent of people there saying they would consider … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Successor Will Involve SWEAT

Every business owner, whether planning to or not, will one day exit the business. It’s the single event in business that’s sure to happen. Preparing for succession will give your business an opportunity to thrive even after you leave it. Finding someone capable of leading the company to greater heights after the founder exits is key to making a business sustainable. Any … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Use Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

If you follow basketball, there’s a 99.9 percent chance you’ve heard the name John R. Wooden, a sports legend who’s considered to be the greatest NCAA basketball coach of all time. And if you’ve heard of Coach Wooden, you know about his Pyramid of Success, a wildly popular model of 25 proven behaviors and characteristics that lead to greatness. The Pyramid of Success is … [Read more...]

How to Leverage Your Experience as a Sports Coach into Business

The world of sports coaching may seem a long way from business leadership, but scratch a little deeper and you will soon find that they are more intertwined than it may appear. Certainly, with regards to the principles and the approaches to success, business leadership and sports coaching are very much birds of a feather. There are many successful men and women in business who … [Read more...]

7 Powerful Project Management Tips from Effective Leaders

If you’re just starting out at your business and have been assigned a project at work, you need to find out some effective and powerful project management tips to help you with your progress. Project management will make sure that the work is carried out correctly and in the most cost-effective way possible, while also ensuring that every project is completed … [Read more...]

5 Best Tips to Successfully Manage Remote Teams

A few years ago, work from home became a fad as more and more people began to develop the courage required to start their own online businesses. Today, this trend solidified itself because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and working from home or working remotely has become more common than it ever was. Remote work can be termed an inevitable necessity across the world today, … [Read more...]