How to Scare an Insurance Adjuster

Filing a claim after a car accident, or following any other negligence-related injury, will allow you to obtain the financial compensation you need. Personal injury settlements can include compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, and even your pain and suffering. Sadly, however, when people fail to obtain legal representation, they are often left … [Read more...]

Will Your Insurance Go Up if You Are in a Car Accident?

Car insurance payments are by far the number one hidden cost you need to factor into your decision about purchasing a car, which for many, is not an option anyway when it comes to working commutes or other needs. So, is your car insurance going to go up, and if so, by how much, if you’ve gotten into an accident? The first answer is yes, the second answer really depends, so read … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Registered Agent for Your Business

Whether you’re already running your own business or just starting, compliance requirements form an integral part of your success. While most business owners will say they’re not a fan of paperwork, they know maintaining good standing with legal entity, tax, and business licensing authorities directly impacts their ability to operate and make a profit. One area that’s often … [Read more...]

A Few Things to Consider when Hiring a Lawyer for Your Business

When you are running a company, even a small one, it is important to have the right people and services in place. Most entrepreneurs are highly aware of this, which is why they take their time when recruiting. However, some are not so careful when it comes to hiring the service providers that they use. Time is short, so some business owners simply go online and hire the first … [Read more...]

When to Hire a Lawyer for Your Small Business

The internet has become a useful resource center for information on almost every topic under the sun. The legal field is no exception. You can research information on many legal-related business matters and by-pass the need for hiring a business-savvy lawyer. For instance, you can easily create contracts for your small business and issue them to customers and suppliers. With … [Read more...]

Wrongful Termination Checklist

When filing a wrongful termination claim, nothing is more important than making sure you file correctly and on time. To add to that, the risk of having your claim denied is significantly higher when you don’t have the help of a trustworthy and experienced attorney reviewing your file. What Is Wrongful Termination? Whenever an employee has been fired from their job due to an … [Read more...]

What to Know about Car Insurance in the USA

Whenever you buy a car in the United States, you should not forget to apply for designated motor insurance which helps protect you from financial liability in case you, your passengers, and your car are involved in an accident. Today, car insurance is considered a must, however, some states may deprive you of it including Virginia, New Hampshire, Mississippi, where you may pay … [Read more...]

The Most Common Reasons for Freight Claims and How to Avoid Them

Whenever anything is shipped, there’s a chance it could be damaged or lost. Any number of things can go wrong, and most of the time, they happen accidentally.  Regardless of why things happen, there are times when you, or the recipient of a shipment you’ve made, need to make a claim. It’s never anyone’s favorite task, but if items are lost or damaged, a claim can help make up … [Read more...]

Creating an Effective Employee Handbook– It’s Not Rocket Science

Any HR department knows the process of creating an effective handbook is no child's play. A lot of decision making, and critical thinking is involved in creating employee handbooks which makes it a dreadful process, but not if you know the right tips to follow throughout the process! A lot of important elements are involved in creating an employee handbook and it's always a … [Read more...]

5 Ways an Employer May Discriminate and What to Do about It

In an ideal world, an employer would treat everyone fairly and give them the same opportunities, pay, promotions, and respect. However, sadly, it does not always work like that. Many people suffer from discrimination in the workplace, but they may not even realize it. Once they do, they might be fearful of even worse treatment if they blow the whistle. In this situation, you … [Read more...]