Creating an Effective Employee Handbook– It’s Not Rocket Science

Any HR department knows the process of creating an effective handbook is no child's play. A lot of decision making, and critical thinking is involved in creating employee handbooks which makes it a dreadful process, but not if you know the right tips to follow throughout the process! A lot of important elements are involved in creating an employee handbook and it's always a … [Read more...]

5 Ways an Employer May Discriminate and What to Do about It

In an ideal world, an employer would treat everyone fairly and give them the same opportunities, pay, promotions, and respect. However, sadly, it does not always work like that. Many people suffer from discrimination in the workplace, but they may not even realize it. Once they do, they might be fearful of even worse treatment if they blow the whistle. In this situation, you … [Read more...]

Why Do Executive Architect Firms Need Indemnity Insurance?

Executive architects are basically supporting architects who support the concept designer. However, all too often, the design element of the job is lost. Instead, many executive architects find themselves carrying out a more technical role, as well as focusing on construction. Building things takes a lot of skill and there is a lot that can go wrong. For this reason, … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Follow When Selling a Small Business

Every small business owner pours their life into their business as there are a lot of hours, sweat, tears, and sacrifices needed to make a business successful. Knowing all of this work went into building a small business makes it harder to sell a business because, in some ways, it is an extension of your life. But, if the time has come to sell it, it is important that you … [Read more...]

The Commonplace Mishaps at Construction Sites – Getting Help If You Get Hurt

Getting injured at a construction site can be a painful and life-altering occurrence, and even with the necessary precautions that are required by law, it is probable that you may come across an accident. Not only can it be an emotional and psychological strain, but it may also result in extreme financial constraints for the injured person. You see, with most accidents, you … [Read more...]

How to Create Effective Warning and Safety Labels

Warning and safety labels are a normal part of the work environment for many industries because these labels help to keep people safe by offering warnings and information that enable workers to properly use equipment and devices. Labels also are present on consumer products where they serve a similar purpose. In any situation, they provide education and information with the aim … [Read more...]

Everything You Want to Know About Public Benefit Corporations and How They Work

Over the last ten years, there's been a sensational increase within modern-day business owners interested in using business to drive various social changes. Whereas corporations undoubtedly maintain considerable flexibility to pursue environmental and social objectives under the legal concept named the “business judgment rule”, conventional corporate law, as a rule, holds that … [Read more...]

Types of Business Insurance Plans that Every Entrepreneur Needs to Purchase

It takes more than just a vision to get your business started. You might have some great ideas, but none of those will take off if you fail to take precautions to safeguard the interest of your business.  An entrepreneur has several risks to navigate through since the day he launches his business. And, unfortunately, there is no way a businessperson can evade all risks … [Read more...]

Why New Gambling Legislation is Driving Investment in the US

Here in the UK, it’s safe to say that online betting is big business. While the exact figures will vary depending on where you look, typically you’ll find that the online gambling industry generates billions in profit every single year. Because we spend so much time online, and because our smart devices and computers now store so much sensitive and personal information about … [Read more...]

The Scale of Creditor Action

Directors of insolvent businesses may, sadly, be all too aware of the stresses caused by debt and the resulting creditor action. Creditors are within their rights to remind you of an outstanding debt which you owe them. So, understanding the different forms of creditor action will help you deal with them, and hopefully, limit their effects on your business. Nudges and … [Read more...]