8 Actionable Ways You Can Improve Business Growth

Did you know there are four major reasons a business fails within the first five years? Those reasons include a lack of cash flow funding, the inability to retain a management team, faulty business models, and unhelpful marketing initiatives. If your company is not making progress, you may fear shutting down. With these eight ways to improve business growth, your business … [Read more...]

10 Must-Have Items for Any Trade Show

Employees jump through the hoops of emails, social media dealings, and searching for the right traditional venue just to make concrete impressions on their clients and potential business associates. Fortunately, trade shows present unparalleled opportunities for companies to showcase their merchandise and also offer some excitement. Due to the nature of trade shows, one can … [Read more...]

4 Tools That Can Help You Scale Your Business Without Breaking a Sweat

Starting and growing a business comes with its fair share of challenges. From complying with increasingly stringent regulations to finding the best product-market fit, entrepreneurs have to keep in mind all the factors that influence their business’ chances of success. It is no wonder, therefore, that almost half of all new businesses crumble and fall within their first five … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Use Facebook to Sell Your Home

Are you trying to sell your home but can’t attract enough buyers to your listing? Well, selling a home can be harder than you initially thought, and you will not get buyers placing competitive bids on your listing every day. If this is the case for you, leveraging Facebook advertising to showcase your home to more potential buyers is perhaps what you should learn. Facebook … [Read more...]

Why Teamwork Is Key in Your Marketing Efforts

On the surface, marketing is all about creativity and ingenuity. However, as you dig deeper, you learn that everything is based on a deep analysis of the market, knowledge of the audience, and tons of hard work. Marketing requires a complex set of skills, which are not usually mastered by one person. As such, in order to have amazing campaigns, a company must first find the … [Read more...]

Gifts to Promote Your Small Business This Autumn

The scent of burning leaves is in the air and pumpkin spice is showing up on the shelves of every store. People’s thoughts are turning to bonfires on the weekends, and drinking hot chocolate curled up on the couch watching Halloween movies with the people they love. Amid the falling red and gold leaves of autumn, is an opportunity to market your small business like never … [Read more...]

Independent Auto Repair Shops in San Diego Band Together for the Benefit of All

Being a small business owner can sometimes be overwhelming. If you are the sole owner of a small business, with the success or failure of your small business depending primarily on you and the decisions you make, it can be helpful to have other small business owners you can bounce ideas off of, commiserate with, and maybe even network with. This camaraderie can happen in a … [Read more...]

2 Ways to Get Involved with New Book by Matt Smith, Editor of Businessing Magazine

Businessing Magazine Editor Matt Smith is currently writing a new book on small business strategy called Kill the Noise, which will be published soon by Maven Publishing. Kill the Noise will show small business owners how to get their small businesses to do more with less, and simplify their lives in the process. We wanted to offer two opportunities for the readers of … [Read more...]