Starting A Business

Tips to Remember When Starting a Small Business

There are few things as exciting as starting your own small business. Whether it be a lifelong dream or something you just recently started considering with the extra time you’ve had during the pandemic, a startup has the potential to truly change your life. However, all the good intentions you have will need solid financial planning to back them up to ensure the company can … [Read more...]

Do Footballers Make Better Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is an increasingly popular way to make a living. As footballers look to expand their horizons and seek out new career paths once they retire from the sport, they are also increasingly turning to entrepreneurship. But do footballers make better entrepreneurs? In this article, we explore some examples of where footballers and other team sports professionals … [Read more...]

Top Start-up Costs New Business Owners Need to Account For

Starting a business can be super exciting, but it can also be extremely expensive. From putting the right insurance policy in place to buying inventory, getting to grips with business costs can be very daunting for new entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are ways and means to get yourself onto the business ladder without exhausting your personal bank account. In this article, … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Start a Food Packaging Business

Food packaging businesses are experiencing exceptional growth, as more people now realize the concept of storing their food for consumption later. For this purpose, the food needs proper sealing and safety, and the packaging caters to that matter. Many food manufacturing companies outsource packaging to other firms to get customized food packaging that attracts customers … [Read more...]

Launching a Niche Streaming Service: What You Need to Consider

Streaming services have been around for many years now, but over the past year and a half, they have become much more popular with viewers around the world. Not only do some of the big streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have millions of views each day, but other niche streaming services are also doing very well. So, have you been thinking about launching your very … [Read more...]

How To Start an Essay Writing Course in 7 Steps

Almost everyone has nightmares, but for most college students, essay writing is the bane of their existence. This explains why a lot of students often hire professional essay writers to help them out. As a teacher, you've probably seen your fair share of badly written essays and excuses from students who just couldn't be bothered to write their essays. Thus, in-depth courses … [Read more...]

5 Great Side Hustle Businesses for 2021

2021 is here, and with it is great optimism. The Biden Administration recently purchased 200 million more COVID-19 vaccine doses. By the summer, the current U.S. administration hopes most Americans will have taken the vaccine. Those who haven’t should become protected via herd immunity by late summer or early fall. The vaccine announcement is fantastic news for those hoping … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Improve Marketing for Your Small Business

Running a small business is not a walk in the park, with statistics indicating that about 90% of all startups in America fail, primarily due to cash flow problems. The good news is, with the right marketing strategy in place, even the smallest business can compete with larger corporations for their market share. In this article, we explore a few ways in which small businesses … [Read more...]

How to Gain Startup Experience as an Aspiring Entrepreneur

Just about anybody who has any sort of entrepreneurial spirit dreams of being the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. It’s an intoxicating thought to start a business that transforms an industry and makes you rich in the process.  The problem is that for every Elon Musk there are thousands of failed entrepreneurs. There is no set road map to reaching your goal which makes it even … [Read more...]