How to Protect Your Company’s Digital Assets

Since the majority of today’s businesses are online, it is important to learn how to protect your digital assets in the same manner you protect your physical ones. Digital assets need to be extra protected against hackers as well as employees of your business. We will offer several tips on how to make sure all your digital assets are safe and secure. Using Digital Assets … [Read more...]

Does Your Business Need a Trademark (and How Do You Register One?)

A trademark allows you to protect the key elements of your business from being misappropriated by malicious third parties, and all of the world’s best-known brands make use of the associated legislation to prevent others from piggybacking on their good reputations. The question is, should your business leverage the same laws by registering a trademark, and how do you go … [Read more...]

Intellectual Property Rights for Businesses

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to intangible creations by an individual or a business. It covers a vast range of creations, including inventions, literary works, artistic works, name of a business, logo, symbols, images or videos used for commercial purposes, designs, recipes and formulations. IP-intensive industries in America employ more than 45 million people and their … [Read more...]

The Complete Guide to Trademark Infringement and Domain Names

When it comes to starting up a business you really need to think hard about your branding and your domain name. This is what will tell your customers who you are and what you are about. You need it to be smart, to the point and most of all, to portray you as a professional entity. When choosing your name, you need to be careful of other businesses, you don't want a trademark … [Read more...]